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    Mix and Match | Mini Latch Hair Bows 5 for $24.95

    Mix and Match | Mini Latch Hair Bows 5 for $24.95

    Choose Any 5 Bows from Here 

    .......and Watch the Price Drop in Your Cart!

    Pick any 5 baby hairbows from this category and get them for $24.95! You can mix and match and get the bows you want. If it looks good, we will put all 5 on one pack for you for her little clip closet!  If the bow sizes look funny to us to be all on one pack, we will provide separate packaging for you.

    Create Your Own Mini Latch Wisp Clip Collection

    All the hair bows in this section are hand-sewn onto our lead-tested Mini Latch clips. The teeny combs on the clip interweave and lock into wispy, fine hair so the clip stays comfortably and securely in place. 

    Simply add 5 bows or more to your cart and you'll automatically see the discount in your cart!