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    Nail Polish for Kids

    Nail Polish for Kids

    Non Toxic Baby/ Toddler/ Children's Nail Polish!

    Get beautiful nail polish by Piggy Paint at the Baby Wisp® shop. One of our faves and goes so well as a gift with our bows.  Also a suggestion is a Father's Day Activity of painting daughter's nails!

    Now 20% off until June 15, 2019. No coupon required.  

    We offer over 30 varieties that make the perfect gift or compliment to baby and toddler fashion!  Lots of mommies love putting this on for their child's first birthday party.  Girls love that they can dress up like mommy. The best part about it is if they are still mouthing their hands then when bits come off, there are no toxic chemicals you have to worry about!  As natural as mud, have fun painting her nails without the worry!