Are hair clips safe for my baby?

We get this question a lot- Are hair clips safe for my baby? The answer is not so simple.

Is it safe if worn on the head and the child never handles it? YES. 

Is it safe to leave a child unsupervised so that they might take that hair clip off and put it in their mouth? NO.  It’s never safe to leave a child with hair accessories in their hair if you are not in the room to make sure they are not putting it into their mouths. This includes headbands with embellishments on it such as gems and pearls as they could come loose with handling and also be slipped into tiny mouths.                                       

Baby hair accessories will not be safe for your children if they are not used for their intended purpose, which is to make your baby look fabulous and keeping the product on their heads! Baby headbands, hair clips and hats are all considered "Baby jewellery" and are legal products for sale.  We say legal because they can be considered safe if used correctly. Illegal products can do harm even if used correctly.

According to the small parts definition of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (USA) is defined as:

"…any object that fits completely into a specially designed test cylinder 2.25 inches long by 1.25 inches wide that approximates the size of the fully expanded throat of a child under three years old. (See figure). See 16 C.F.R. 1501.4

A small part can be:

(1) A whole toy or article.

(2) A separate part of a toy, game, or other article.

(3) A piece of a toy or article that breaks off during testing that simulates use or abuse by children."


Baby Wisp Products are exempt from the Small Parts Regulation because their intended purpose is to be a hair accessory - not a toy or snack.

"Children’s clothing and accessories such as shoe lace holders and buttons, and grooming, feeding and hygiene products such as diaper pins and clips, barrettes, toothbrushes, drinking glasses, dishes and eating utensils are also exempt because they need to be small to perform their intended purpose. See 16 C.F.R. Part 1501.3&4(b)."


Baby Wisp strives to provide unique and safe accessories. Our products are handmade with care to reduce the risk of small pieces coming loose. That’s part of our quality commitment and our satisfaction guarantee.  That being said we are only half of the equation when it comes to protecting your baby and preventing a serious hazard. The guardian of the child should take care and responsibility for ensuring the child is not allowed to handle the product and potentially put it into their mouths. This includes naps, car rides and play time.  If you cannot commit to this (hey we’re busy moms!), please do not put hair accessories on your child until they are able to make the conscious decisions of how to handle the product themselves.

The other safety issue (which is in your manufacturer’s hands) is the composition of the materials used in the products.  We take on a large expense to test our metals for lead, cadmium and mercury content.  Not only is lead legislated by Health Canada for Children’s Jewellery but cadmium has been found to be equally dangerous to children’s growth and development if ingested.  Mouthing the product (kids putting it in their mouth) and breaking loose little bits of paint or metal and swallowing it is a way to suffer from lead ingestion if the product was leaded.  Although the cadmium and mercury legislation is not yet mandated, we have voluntarily undertaken this because we care about the materials we are using.  We test the metal of the clip, the waterproofing paint coating used as well as the paint used for our logo-ing.  That’s what the logo means on our clips. It’s tested and you can rest easy about any toxic metals on your child’s head while wearing our brand.  That’s also why we hand-stitch wherever possible to reduce the use of chemicals like glues.



 So go ahead and enjoy all these gorgeous accessories but remember how important it is to ensure she doesn't put these in her mouth!


For more information on the Small Parts and CPSC please visit this link: