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    Baby Wisp hair bows are available on a variety of clips and headbands. We have bows on mini latch clips, large latch clips, snap clips, gator clips, elastic headbands and hard headbands. We have bows for your baby girl no matter what age she is! 

    You can use our guide to help you in choosing the perfect bow.    


    1.  Tuxedo Grosgrain Bows

    Our most popular bow, it's simple and pretty. It's also our tiniest bow. Available on mini latch clips and snap clips.This classic bow comes in many different colours like pink, lavender, red and many more. 


    2.  Fancy Satin and Organza Tuxedo Bows

    For fancier occasions and outfits, these baby wisp design bows have a satin tuxedo bow shape as the base with a matching organza bow tied neatly on top with a satin matching ribbon. Available on mini latch clips and snap clips


    3.  Trendy Twist Bows

    This bow is actually made up of 2 bows. One is a tiny bow wrapped using grosgrain ribbon resting on a larger bow, with a delicate twist in the middle. Available on our mini latch clips or snap clips


    4.  Grosgrain Butterfly Bows

    Available on our unmovable mini latch clips and  large latch clips. These bows resemble a butterfly and they come in a variety of different colours. 


    5.  Felt Bows

    This bow is available on our mini latch clip and will add some charm and style to any outfit. Available in a wide selection of colours including navy, purple, pink, grey, light blue, watermelon red, peach and orange. Click here to view  


    6.  Classic Bows

    Available on our mini latch clips or snap clips. These bows are available in many colours including: white, light pink, coral, navy, tropic aqua, grey, and magenta garden rose.  


    7.  Modern Twist Bows

    Pretty double folded bows in many new and popular colours. They are available on  snap clips. There are many shades of pastel colours and bright colours. 


    8.  Cadeau Bows

    This cute bow that resembles a present topper is available on both our mini latch clips or snap clips.  If you're looking for something chic for everyday wear, this is the perfect accessory! 


    9.  Emily Bows

     These sweet boutique style bows are available on our mini latch clips or snap clips.  Available in a variety of colours. 


    10.  Lace Bows

    A rich satin bow with a vintage lace wrapped elegantly around the satin. Available on our unmovable mini latch clips. Pick from assorted colours. 


    11.   Chelsea Boutique Bows

    Sweet, classic grosgrain boutique style bows are available on snap clips.  Choose from a wide assortment of colours. 


    12.  Glitter Velvet Boutique Bows

    This adorable bow is perfect for special occasions and a favourite pairing with dance outfits. Available in a variety of colours on our mini latch clips or snap clips.


    13.  Hand Tied Bows

     These charming bows are exclusively handmade by us.  Choose from a variety of patterns and colours. Click here to view  


    14.  Principessa Bows

    This elegant and dazzling bow is attached to our gator pinch clip or elastic headband. Great for special occassions, or when your little one just wants to add a little sparkle to her outfit. Available in a wide selection of colours. 


    15.  Boutique Bows

    Contains both satin and organza ribbon wrapped in a bow. Fancy bows for fancy outfits. Available in white, antique white, fuschia, hot pick, light pink, lavender, red, black, coral and teal. Available on mini latch clips or snap clips


    16.  Large Grosgrain Boutique Bows

    This classy bow is available on a large latch clip that is perfect for toddlers and babies with lots of hair.  Click here to view 


    17.  Large Organza Boutique Bows

    A classic simple bow attached onto a large latch clip. They’re made with two different types of fabric: satin and organza. They are available in fuchsia, light pink, white and many more. Click here to view 


    18.  Bowtastic Bows

    This adorable ribbon bow isn't called Bowtastic for nothing. Great for pairing with everyday outfits! Available on gator pinch clips, small snaps and headbands.  


    19.  Americana Bows

    These large boutique style bows are great for a fun and bold look! Available on large latch clipsgator pinch clips or headband


    20.  Winged Fairy Bows

    This big, glitzy bow comes on our stretchy, elastic organza headband. Add some whimsy to any outfit!  Click here to view