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      Legend for Baby Wisp® Hair Bows

      See all our styles and sizes of Bows in one place.

      baby wisp hair bow guide

      Baby Wisp hair bows are available on a variety of clips and headbands. We have bows on mini wisp clips, medium wisp clips, large wisp clips, snap clips, gator clips, elastic headbands and wide headwraps. We have bows for your baby girl no matter what age she is! 

      You can use our guide, pictogram to help you in choosing the perfect bow.    

      Besides the size of the bow, you will be interested in the type of clip based on your baby/ infant/ toddler/ preschooler / school girl's hair. 

      The most popular is mini latch wisp clip for super fine, wispy hair.  Just needs a little peach fuzz to hang on.  With a little more hair, you can use the snap clip.  For even more hair, upgrade to the medium or large wisp clip, or the pinch alligator clip.

      What Does the Back of Wisp Clip Mini Latch Clip Baby Wisp Clip Look like


      1.  Tuxedo Grosgrain Bow

      Our most popular bow, it's simple and pretty. It's also our tiniest bow. Available on mini wisp clips and snap clips.

      2.  Charlotte Bow

      This adorable tuxedo style bow in grosgrain ribbon can be paired with almost any outfit. Available in a variety of colors on our mini wisp clips or snap clips.

      3.  Chelsea Boutique Bow

      Sweet, classic grosgrain boutique style bows are available on mini wisp clips or snap clips.  Choose from a wide assortment of colors. 

      4.  Classic Bow

      Classic Fan Out Bows available on our mini wisp clips or snap clips

      5.  Diya Bow

      Grosgrain bow with knotted center on our alligator pinch clips. Get pigtail pairs or a single bow in a wide variety of colors. 

      6.  Aiyanna Bow

      Beautiful boutique bow in grosgrain ribbon on our medium wisp clips or alligator pinch clips

      7.  Sandra Bow

      This sweet bow with a symmetrical design in modern colors. Get pigtail pairs or a single bow.  

      8.  Pollyanna Bow

       A cheery bow style in a pigtail pair on alligator clips.  

      9.  Americana Bow

      These large boutique style bows are great for big, bold look! Available on gator pinch clips. Also available with cute sparkly rhinestones for a dash of glimmer - try the Americana Sparkle Bows.  

      10.  Hand Tied Faux Suede Bow

      This dainty skinny hand tied hair bow is made from faux suede material. The perfect add-on for casual or dressy outfits! Available on mini wisp clips in soft colors.  

      11.  Billie Jean Bow

       A cute princess inspired faux suede bow on medium wisp clips

      12.  Thali Bow

       An adorably sweet faux suede bow available on our medium wisp clips or elastic headbands

      13.  Corduroy Knot Bow

       Soft and cute corduroy knotted bow on our stretchy elastic headbands.

      14.  Velvet Hand Tied Bow

      Sweet 3/8 inch velvet ribbon bows on alligator pinch clips. Available in pigtail pairs3 Clips Set or 4 Clips set . 

      15.  Velvet Bow (1 Inch)

      Luxe 1 inch velvet ribbon bows on alligator pinch clips and elastic headbands

      16.  Fanny Bow

      A pretty fabric bow in a fan out style on our soft, stretchy elastic headbands

      17.  Denim Butterfly Bow

       A chic denim bow in a butterfly shaped style on our elastic headbands

      18.  Big Denim Bow

      A large denim bow in a tuxedo bow style on our elastic headbands

      19.  Emma Bow

       A gorgeous fabric bow  available on alligator pinch clips or elastic headbands

      20.  Victoria Bow

       A lovely hand tied fabric bow with a school girl inspired bow look on elastic headbands

      21.  Lace Bow

       A beautiful and delicate lace bow on elastic headbands. Available in white or light pink

      22.  Courtney Bow

      Add some sparkle and shine to her outfit with this big, glittery bow! Available on alligator pinch clips, large toddler wisp clips or elastic headbands.

      23.  Birthday Bow

      A fun, sparkly and glittery bow for baby's first birthday! Available on alligator pinch clips or elastic headbands