Grosgrain Tuxedo Ribbon Bow - 2 Snap Clips - Moss Green

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Grosgrain Tuxedo Ribbon Bow - 2 Snap Clips - Moss Green

Our best selling grosgrain ribbon tiny bows for babies and toddlers at Baby Wisp®.  What makes this the most popular bow for little girls?  It's the style.  It's simple, a classic tuxedo bow that's only 32mm in total length of clip.  We also have so so so many colours available for all fashionable apparel brands. 

This listing is for two pieces.  Two grosgrain ribbons in case you want to hold back bangs on two sides, decorate the front of two ponytails, or just keep a spare!  

The ribbon is a high quality colour steadfast ribbon tied in a neat little bow, adhered to a stainless steel lead free ribbon covered 30 mm snap clip. Stainless steel barrette that snaps open, slides in with single prong then snaps shut.  You need hair for this type of clip and works great for fine hair.

Fits best on babies and toddlers about 3 months to 18 months