Mini Wisp Clip - Hand Tied Faux Suede Bow - Orange

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Mini Wisp Clip - Hand Tied Faux Suede Bow - Orange

Such a cute dainty baby bow makes a unique baby gift for baby girl!  Dainty baby bows in a soft faux suede material stitched to our mini latch wisp clip with tiny combs and silicone sleeve for an amazing hold!

New color for September 2020 - just in time for orange baby fashion of fall! CLIP IS SEWN UPWARDS!  Note this is important if your daughter has very short hair you will want the combs to point upwards, so you can comb UPWARDS and the bow will be the correct side up. If she has hair you can easily combine in a direction, then it will not matter.

Bow is approximately 4 cm diameter (length) and 2 cm width (tall). Bow is hand stitched to the special Baby Wisp® clip for extra durability. Mini Latch Wisp Clips for fine hair combs into fine, wispy baby hairs and latches on to stay in place securely and comfortably, even on the teeniest bit of peach fuzz hair. Stays on!


☆Instructions to use Wisp Clip:
♥ You Snap open the hair clip, comb in some hair and the tiny combs interlock into the wispy barely there hair.
♥ Do not press on the baby's head!
♥ Please watch this video that show's the cutest baldy having these clips put on, I use two hands to open and close the clip!
♥ Feel free to practise on a friend's arm hairs first before trying on a short peach fuzz head baby!

♥ Fits 0-12 M with fine hair best
♥ Stainless steel with water repellent coating
♥ Bows are hand stitched onto the clips.
♥ Professional Cardstock packaging included so this makes a perfect gift

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WARNING: Never leave a child unattended with this product.
CAUTION - CHOKING HAZARD- SMALL PARTS. Small parts pose a choking hazard if put in the mouth. NEVER leave a child or anyone who puts inedible objects into their mouth unattended with any hair accessories. THIS IS NOT A TOY.

-Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item so please read the names to get an idea of the color tone the bow will be.
Do not use in damp hair.