Basic Ribbon Clips

Basic Ribbon Clips

Ribbon Covered Hair Clips/ No Slip Ribbon Clips 


Every girl needs some "go to" hair accessories to make mom's life easier! These clips and headbands will complete all of your everyday outfits. Looking to tame unruly hair or solve a bad hair day? Baby Wisp Basics is your solution when you want to accessorize with every day looks and rather basic/ simple styles without heavy embellishment.

Try the gator clips that push away bangs from your child's face. These baby bows and toddler hair clips are the more 'traditional' looks of today rather than having the distinctly Baby Wisp looks of our other collections.

Our ribbon covered barrettes are cut and heat sealed to prevent fraying.  The ribbon covered no slip pinch clips have the extra silicone grips to help stop the clip from just sliding off. You can also buy these silicone strips separately as they do fit onto the the snap clip (slide in, snap shut) hair clips.


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