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      New Summer Collection Is Here!

      New Summer Collection Is Here!

      Summer Must-Have Style for Baby and Toddler Girls

      Outfits + Hair Accessories for Summer

      We know everyone is looking forward to Summer this year! Summer season is just around the corner...and we can't wait for warmer weather to soak up the sun! 

      Good News! Our New Summer Collection has just launched! This season we are really loving bright colorful hues, beachy vibes and fancy florals. Find your favorites in our Summer Collection here.

      Check out some new Summer Bow Essentials + Outfit Inspiration:



      We have many new headbands with cute patterned floral designs. Gorgeous floral designs that are light, airy and breezy that add style and color to her outfits. Try headbands in a floral vintage style with the Megan Floral Tie Knot or Begonia Top Knot or go tropical in our Blue Palm Leaves Top Knot. Our floral print headbands pair easily with rompers like this sleeveless romper from H&M. 

      Colorful beachy wear in adorable shorts and tee combo is a Summer essential. Coordinate her casual wear with our Small Snap Bows for a quick and easy look for the beach. Our Chelsea Bows - Little Miss and Charlotte Bows - Pink Pony go perfectly with her beach and pool outfits like this colorful striped short and tee ensemble from Zara. 

      This new Embroidered Snap Clips Set - Socal includes cute embroidered patterns of a golden tulip flower, pink fish, and blooming flowers & cactus. These clips are on our larger 50mm snap clips that are perfect for toddlers. Why not add some fun style to dress up her outfits? These clips coordinate wonderfully with her Summer dresses like this eyelet dress from the Gap. 


      Dreamy Pinks for Mother's Day!

      Dreamy Pinks for Mother's Day!

      Blushy Pink Color Palette for Baby & Toddler Girl

      How are you dressing your littles for Mother's Day? We know you want her to look her best for your special day! Will you be matching and coordinating with your baby girl? 

      For this special occasion, we heart pinks! Especially these dreamy, super-soft blushy pink shades that go with everything. 

      See some of our not so pinky pinks that are gorgeously warm, airy and delicate.  

      Pink Clay

      billie jean bow faux suede pink clay

      Our Billie Jean Faux Suede Bow on Medium Wisp Clip in pink clay is a muted pink shade with hints of sandy brown. A very light and soft pink that adds a delicate touch to her outfits. This bow coordinates well with this cute jumpsuit from Roolee.


      Caramel Rose

      fanny bow caramel rose

      Our Fanny Bow Headband in caramel rose is a more brown-tinged pink hue. A blushy darker pink that looks neutral and earthy and at the same time airy and graceful. It gives a beautiful accent to this textured dress from Zara.  

      Rose Taupe

      aiyanna bow rose taupe

      Our Aiyanna Bows on Alligator Clips in rose taupe is a soft and muted pink shade with tones of grayish-brown. A warm, light blush pink tone that looks polished and refined. Easily pairs with casual and formal dresses like this one from Serene Bohemian.  


      Dusty Rose

      starlite headband dusty rose

      Our Starlite Hand Tied Bow Headband in dusty rose is a gorgeous timeless pink shade that has hints of purple tones. A subtle but warm, rich pink that brightens any outfit. 

      Celebrating Earth Day!

      Celebrating Earth Day!

      It's Earth Day on April 22nd! This is a day to not only show our appreciation of mother earth but to bring awareness for environmental conservation and ways to be more environmentally conscious to reduce our environmental impact. There are so many little things you and your kids can do to celebrate and build sustainable habits. Here's 10 easy ideas:

      1. Plant something

      2. Spend time outside

      3. Buy produce from a local farmer's market

      4. Find car alternatives like riding your bike, just taking a walk, carpooling or take public transportation.

      5. Use reusable bags

      6. Use a refillable water bottle

      7. Pick up trash in the community

      8. Turn off the lights for energy conservation

      9. Use environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products

      10. Avoid single-use plastic items

       To learn more from experts and their campaigns tune into Earth Day Live series. 

      We also found this interesting read from National Geographic. Read more here


      To create awareness and keep the conversation going, we are offering a special Limited Edition Set with warm, earthy tones inspired by Earth Day.  5 cute tiny grosgrain hair bows in a tuxedo bow style on our Small Snap clips. Colors include: Ivory, Wheat, Rust, Soft Pine, Moss. Now on Sale at 25% Off (until April 22nd)!



      More Spring Outfit Ideas for Baby & Toddler Girls

      More Spring Outfit Ideas for Baby & Toddler Girls

      Spring is in full swing! There are so many adorable outfits to dress up baby and toddler girl. It's especially a great time to dress her in cute little dresses. Get the perfect bows to coordinate with her fresh Spring looks!

      Don't forget, our Spring Clearance Sale is happening now! So what better time than now to stock up on Spring bows to complete baby girl's wardrobe? 

      Take an Extra 20% OFF* Spring Collection with code: SPRINGSALE

      *Sale ends April 19th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.


      We have some more Spring Bows + outfit ideas and colors we love:


      Earthy Tones

      Mini Wisp Clips Classic Fan Out Bows in Antique Mauve, Soft Pine, English Saddle. Goes great with ruffled dresses like this Spring/Summer dress in a blushy pink from Roolee.

      Beautiful Blues

      4 Baby Bow Snap Clip Set with a pair of Cadeau Bows in French Blue and a pair of Ribbon Clips in Blue. Coordinates well with soft, muted pastel shades like this Princess dress from Jetcube.


      Pastel Shades

      6 Small Snap Ribbon Clips Set - Calm Wave in gorgeous light and airy pastel colors (Ivory, Ballet Pink, Rose Taupe, Saddle, Seaside, Shell Grey). These pastel shades pair well with muted and neutral tones like this lace patterned dress from Miabellebaby.




      Lana Bow Headband: Step by Step on How To Tie A Big Bow

      Lana Bow Headband: Step by Step on How To Tie A Big Bow

      Lana Bow Headband - Large Headwrap for Baby & Toddler Girls

      Our Lana Bow Headband is a gorgeous extra wide headwrap with a knotted bow that will definitely add impact to your little girl's ensemble. If you love big bows, this one is for you! What's unique about this headband bow is that is adjustable. It comes pre-tied, but you are free to retie to suit your style and customize your fit as needed. 

      Want to tie the perfect bow on our Lana Bow Headband? With our step-by-step guide on how to tie a big bow, it'll be super easy for you to do it on your own. Just follow our simple steps outlined in our graphic below and you'll be tying your own bow in no time at all!

       Step by Step Guide on How to Tie a Big Bow:

       11 easy steps to tying a perfect big bow on our Lana Bow Headband. Try it yourself!


      Our Lana Bow Headband is sure to turn heads. Available in 6 modern colors. Add some oomph to baby girl's Spring and Summer outfits with this beautiful big bow. Made of cotton polyester blend fabric, this headband is soft with a little stretch. Suited for ages 3 months to 4 years.


      See some of our Spring Outfit Ideas that pair well with the Lana Bow Headband:

      Lana Bow Headband in a soft dusty rose pairs well with this Butterfly sleeved dress from H&M. 

      This White Lana Bow Headband gives a nice accent to this Linen baby dress in green from Etsy.


      Try it in Navy to contrast with a lighter colored dress like this White Ruffled Summer Dress from Light in the box.