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      Bows + Outfits to Fall for this season

      Bows + Outfits to Fall for this season

      Fall Bows & Outfit Ideas for Baby and Toddler Girls

      We love earthy tones and neutrals this season to pair with her favorite Fall outfit. You are probably seeing lots of muted tones in baby's Fall fashion too. Styling your baby girl is always fun, especially during the Fall when there are so many styles to wear. Check out some of our Fall Bows + Outfit combo inspiration for this season. Try some ideas yourself and dress her up in the perfect Fall bows that she'll look adorable in. Find bows from our Fall Collection

       Here are some Fall Bow + Outfit pairing inspo:

      corduroy headbands baby wisp and zara dress

      There's no better time to wear corduroy than in the Fall. Our Cordelia Corduroy Knot Headbands come in 11 different shades to choose from. The Thyme, Mustard and Rust colored Corduroy Headbands pair perfectly with this corduroy pinafore dress from Zara. 


      baby wisp hair clips crochet toddler oldnavy jumpsuit

      This adorable 3 Hair Clips Accessory Set  includes our Aiyanna Boutique Bow in Ivory and Greta Crocheted Clips in Sage Green and Vintage Gold. This set coordinates wonderfully with this long-sleeved jumpsuit from Old Navy. 


      baby wisp floral bow headband and h and m sweater

       This beautiful Nylon Bow Floral Headband - Vintage Blossom has a sweet vintage floral patterned print in muted tones. Add effortless style to any outfit! This headband instantly adds style to this H&M sweater and pants combo. 


      Buy One Get One Free on all Velvet Bows

      Buy One Get One Free on all Velvet Bows


      Velvet Hair Bows for Baby and Toddler Girls

      A little treat just for you! Our BOGO SALE is happening now! 

      All Velvet Bows are now Buy 1 Get 1 FREE* (of equal or lesser value) with code: BOGOVELVET. Shop BOGO SALE

      This is the perfect time to grab some velvet bows to go with baby's Fall outfits. And why not do some early Holiday shopping? Our beautiful luxe velvet bows make great stocking stuffers. If you are planning to do baby girl's Christmas photoshoots, we have velvet bows and headbands that will make the perfect accent to complete her Christmas outfit. Hurry, this sale won't last forever.

      *Sale ends October 18, 2021 at 11:59PM EST.

      Here are some Sale highlights:

      baby wisp velvet hair bows alligator clips

      3 Velvet Bows on Alligator Clips - Soft velvet ribbon bows in 3 colors. Choose from 7 different sets/color variations. These velvet bows are perfect for dressing up her Fall/Winter outfits. This one also makes a great stocking stuffer. 

      baby wisp toddler girl velvet hair bow alligator hair clips


      baby wisp velvet bow headbands

      Velvet Bow Headband - Luxurious and plush 1 inch ribbon velvet bow attached to our stretchy nylon elastic. Choose from 20 colors. Add some oomph to her outfits with this big stylish bow. Coordinates well with her Fall dresses and tops, and Christmas outfits. 

      baby wisp toddler baby girl velvet bow headband


      Orange Bows and Halloween Themed Accessories for Baby & Toddler Girls!

      Orange Bows and Halloween Themed Accessories for Baby & Toddler Girls!

      The Halloween Shop

      Orange You Glad It's Fall?

      Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! 

      We love Fall! Autumn sunsets, pumpkin patches, harvest moons, and falling leaves. Oh and of course...HALLOWEEN!

      Celebrate the spirit of the season and dress up baby and toddler girl in cute shades of orange and Halloween themed accessories! Orange bows are also great to coordinate with her pumpkin patch outfit. 

      Looking to dress up baby for her first Halloween? We've got you covered with many different bow styles in orange tones to go with her Halloween outfits and My First Halloween onesies. Go for the classic orange colored bow, or try more subtle tones like our Pumpkin Spice and Nutmeg. If you want something bolder, try the Neon Orange. 

      Get your orange bows in time so you can wear it in October!

      Here's a few of our fave orange picks: 

       orange boutique hair bows pigtail pair baby wisp baby girl

      This pair of adorable Chelsea Boutique Bows in Pumpkin Spice is perfect for pigtails!

      toddler girl wearing pigtail hair bows orange



      nylon infant headwrap turban knot headband baby wisp

      This Infant Headwrap Turban Knot Headband in Pumpkin Spice is so soft and stretchy.  A stylish accessory to help pull back hair. Looks great on babies without hair too!

      toddler girl wearing nylon turban knot headwrap headband baby wisp



      thali faux suede bow wisp clip baby toddler girl hair bow

      This Thali Faux Suede Bow in Orange  is a great choice for babies and toddler girls with more hair. It uses our Medium Wisp Clip that holds onto more hair, stays in comfortably and doesn't fall off. A cozy, polished look and soft feel for Fall. 

      thali faux suede hair bow toddler girl baby wisp



      halloween hair bows orange black white baby girl wisp clip Baby Wisp

      This set of 3 Mini Wisp Clip Faux Suede Bows - Halloween Night  has the perfect bow colors for Halloween and October. Cute Hand Tied bows on our Mini Wisp Clips that stays in wispy, fine hair. Sized perfectly for little heads. 

      hair bows mini wisp clip baby wisp orange faux suede





      Exciting News! Baby Wisp® Hair Bows Now Available At NORDSTROM

      Exciting News! Baby Wisp® Hair Bows Now Available At NORDSTROM

      Wow! This is So Exciting...

      Baby Wisp® Bows Are Now Available at Nordstrom!

      You've been an important part of the success of Baby Wisp®. We sincerely thank you! You can continue to support the growth of our brand by purchasing Baby Wisp® bows at retailers

      Here's a spotlight on Baby Wisp® Bow Sets available for purchase at Nordstrom:

      baby wisp tiny tuxedo hair bows pixiePixie Set of 5 tiny tuxedo hair bows in a light and airy pastel color palette. Bows are attached to our 30 mm stainless steel ribbon wrapped snap clip. Colors include: White, Pale Ballet Pink, Light Grey, Blue Bell and Rose Taupe. 

      baby girl wearing baby wisp snap clip tiny tuxedo hair bow


      baby wisp hair bows 10 tiny tuxedo bows Nordstrom

      SoCal Bloom Set of 10 tiny tuxedo bows in gorgeous warm, earthy tones to complement baby and toddler girl's Fall outfits. This set will ensure she has the perfect colored bow to go with her outfits each day of the week! Colors include: Ivory, Rose Taupe, Vintage Gold, Nutmeg, Moss, Chantilly, Oatmeal, Shell Grey, Midnight Mauve, Navy.

      baby wisp tiny tuxedo hair bows Nordstrom

      Coral Kingdom Set of 10 tiny tuxedo bows in beautiful warm and blushy shades to add a pop of color to her Fall/Autumn ensembles. Colors include: White, Chantilly, Rose Taupe, Rosy Mauve, Colonial Rose, Peach, Coral, Autumn Orange, Rust, Maroon. This set also makes a wonderful gift for baby girl. Easily add this cute bow set for the perfect baby shower gift that Moms will adore. 

      baby toddler girl wearing baby wisp tiny tuxedo hair bows



      How To Care For Handcrafted Hair Bows So They Last a Long Time

      How To Care For Handcrafted Hair Bows So They Last a Long Time

      How To Care For Hair Bows So They Last a Long Time

      You have these beautiful handmade bows that are delicate and gorgeous - you want them to last but what are the steps to take to help them last?

      Storage, Cleaning, and Proper Use are the keys to having your bows become beautiful accessories that you can pass to friends or your next child!

      baby wearing cute ribbon hair bow aiyanna medium wisp clip

      Top 3 Worst Places to Store Your Ribbon Bows

      3. Third worst place to put your hairbows? I'd say your pocket.  You're just warming it up in there (see problem with moistness in #1 worst place for more details).  Your pockets may have held other items like coins and money that will now soil your bows.

      2. The second worst place to store your baby bows is your purse.  Do not throw them in your purse loosey-goosey.  You got lint in the bottom, old pens, open lipsticks in there and maybe some mum-mum crumbs - and then you're going to just throw your hand tied ribbon bows in that mess?  Please, no.  It's going to get rubbed around in there and possibly come apart or become soiled.  On the go - keep a small bag that you can store them in and then put them into your purse.

      1. Bathrooms are not the place to store your hair accessories.  Sounds counterintuitive right because you might be doing her hair in there?  Always store them in a cool, dry air place.  Bathrooms are the worst place you can store your hair accessories.  The humid air / steam can unstick the non toxic glue and also cause condensation and dampen the ribbon clips so the metal will rust.  Suggestion is in a bedroom drawer or closet organizer and bring them to the bathroom as you are using them.

      Tips to Keep Your Baby Bows Looking Fresh

      Wash your hands before use.  No further details will be provided on this tip lol!

      Keep them out of water. The clips especially should not be immersed in water

      There are several bad things that will happen if you do this. 
      1 - The clips are metal and will likely show signs of rust which will then bleed into your ribbon.  This is also why we say DO NOT USE HAIR BOWS ON DAMP HAIR.
      2 - These are handmade with nontoxic glue.  Immersing them in water will deal a bad hand to the integrity of the glue!
      Store in a Dry Cool Place.
      Keep Them Out of the Sun
      Spot Clean only (see our Article)
      We have seen many repeat customers and siblings and friends go through using and re-using our bows as girls out grow them. Meaning there was a decade of combined use of our products so YES they can be made to last a very long time with multiple users.  Hand Me down bows are awesome and keeps these beautifully designed accessories out of the landfill and keeps little heads looking cute!!