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Do you often find yourself looking at product reviews to help with making a purchasing decision? 

The importance of product reviews is sometimes taken for granted, as we often expect to see them but rarely take the time to write one. When purchasing a product for the first time (especially something for your previous little girl!), it can be difficult deciding whether the product is right for you. So reading a review by someone who has already tried the product can provide us with more information and help make it easier to decide which products to get.  

5 Star Review for Baby Wisp Hair Accessories

We have a large selection of Baby Hair Accessories that include over 400 shades/ shapes/ sizes of hair bows, it can be hard to pick one without a little advice. Why not help someone with their decision from your experience?  You've read reviews and probably appreciated having it, right?

Fancy Satin Organza Bow

By writing a review, your opinion and experience you share will help give others more insight about the product’s quality, style, and function.  (Reviews also help us at Baby Wisp see what our customers like, where we can improve and provide more of the products you love!)

Why not share your review on a recently purchased Baby Wisp item and help other moms/aunts/grandmas/ dads/uncles etc. decide if the product is right for them. 

There are many ways to Share a Review and enter our monthly draw.


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Writing a review on is easy:

  1.      Go to and select a product you recently purchased (if you received a review request email, click the link)
  2.      Scroll page down until you see “Customer Reviews” and click “Write a Review"

  3.      Fill in the required fields, rate the product and write your review.

Amazon and Etsy Reviews - you must email us as we are not notified of new reviews on those platforms.  Don't forget to email us so you are entered in the draw!

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