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    Size Chart Summary for Baby Wisp® Clips and Headbands 

    Headband Sizing for Babies

    We based our Baby Headband sizing on the baby girl's head circumference charts. Here's a link to see an example of a CDC chart percentile values we use in our measurements.

    We modify length of the elastic based on the stretchiness of the band. Generally, the elastics are cut as outlined here:

    • Newborn headbands have a circumference of 32- 34 cm
    • 3 months plus headbands have a circumference of 42-44 cm.


    If you want it to fit perfectly, you can actually measure your child's head and tell us the measurement so we can, in most cases, customize the elastic to fit!  Just email and let's talk about it.






     3 Months Plus

     Blossom Crocheted Flower bands One size fits all
     Plain Woven band One size fits all
     2 in 1 elastic headband One size fits all
     Lacey Headband 32 cm 36 cm

    Most other headbands with organza stretch 1cm 

    wide elastic

    32 cm 43 cm
     Vintage Rosettes 32 cm 39 cm