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      How are these Baby wisp clips so Magical?

      cute baby girl wearing Baby Wisp Wisp Clip Fine Hair Ribbon Bow

      Baby Girls with fine hair have been rejoicing for a decade wearing the cutest little baby bows. Special tiny combs lock into peach fuzz and barely there wispy fine hair, so that even wispy haired littles can now wear bows.  Here's the difference between a wisp clip/ mini latch clip and a small snap clip barrette.

      Baby Wisp® Clips/ Mini Wisp Clips

      What do the back of wisp clips look like.

      Our Baby Wisp® Clip come in two varieties.  The clip with a water repellent coating has the bows stitched on with no glues!  The regular non-coated stainless steel clip, we glue (non toxic glue) the ribbon directly onto the clip.

      open and close a mini wisp clip by baby wisp

       Those with super fine hair, usually up to 12 months - love this clip!  The little combs can lock down on just one hair!Ribbon wisp Clip Grosgrain ribbon bow wisp clip back

      Fine hair that's a bit longer can still wear our mini wisp clips!baby girl wearing tiny bow
      Super Fine Hair of infant girls are best for these comb clip style hair clips for super fine, wispy hair. No Hair? Don't care!

      fine wispy hair babies, tiny bow hair clips by Baby Wisp

      Quick 'Dad' Tutorial on how to use this fine hair clip!

      Watch this 10 second video that a real dad on instagram posted to show his aunty how amazingly easy it is to apply these hair clips on their nearly bald baby. 

      Here's the full video from Trevor on his instagram page. We love this one!


      Snap Clip Barrettes

      Generally, for girls with fine hair 3 months to about 3 years old will use the snap clip barrette.  They have more hair than the baldies but still fine hair that larger barrettes can't hold. Here is what the back of the 'snap' clip looks like. it is quite different than the wisp clip.  

      snap clip barrette for baby girls

      The single prong is snapped open, then slide in hair, then "snap" closed right on the hair.  Some would consider this a more traditional hair barrette for girls.

      Here you see the front and back view of our most popular snap clip barrette for toddler girls. 


      snap clips for toddler girls

       See the photo below how the snap clip barrette in our grosgrain tuxedo is commonly worn with a side swept hairstyle.  Very popular hairstyle for toddler girls. 

      Fine hair of toddler girls wear baby wisp bows

      This photo below shows another style to be worn more decoratively with bangs.  Photo courtesy of Baby Aliyah from @dressyourface on Instagram.

      Toddler Girl Wearing Hairbow

      The pinch or alligator clips, toddler wisp clips generally work for those with more hair - age 3 and up!

      backs of hair bows to choose type of clip you need

      The hairstyles for toddler girls and school girls vary. Still with the side part but also to decorate the top of pony tails. 

      Side Swept Look:

      Toddler girl hair style with Baby Wisp Bow - Americana Boutique Grosgrain Ribbon HairBow

      Create a regular ponytail with a small elastic, then slip this bow in to decorate it.  take her style from utilitarian to CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

      Ponytail Toddler Hair Style decorated with Baby Wisp Bow

      Now that you know which clip you need, now how do you pick the bow?  Check out our hairbow quick guide here!