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    Baby Wisp®  Our Story 

    Baby Wisp at the Butterdome Craft ShowBaby Wisp® was born out of the desire to create hair accessories that stayed in baby's wispy fine hair and created subtle compliments to baby girl's wardrobe.   You waited 9 months for her to be born and now your little baldy needs some bows to make her look more girly girl or just accessorize her outfits adorably!  

    That's what happened to the founder, Beena Masellis.  Considering Beena had a big thick curly mess of hair, it was surprising her baby girl was born with wispy fine hair.  Now what could she do about that?  Baby Wisp® was born...


    Edmonton Chapter

    Beena handmade every single product and sold them at handmade markets in and around Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  That was in 2008.  

    The Edmonton City Centre market, St.Albert Farmer's Market,  and the Butterdome Spring and Winter shows were some of the places you would find her little booth.  Limited supply would mean they would sell out quickly!  A few owners of local baby boutiques loved the product and the brand look and approached her to carry them in their stores in Edmonton.  The first boutique in Edmonton to carry the product was Bosom Babies on Stoney Plain Road back in 2008.





    Beena at the Farmer's Market with her handmade little hair clips for Babies and Toddlers






    With a new baby girl, running a small business on the side and going to work full time at the office during the day, when the second baby came along in 2009, there came a cross road.  This lifestyle of no sleep was not sustainable.  Beena made the choice to throw her energy into growing her business into more than just a side hobby.  


















    baby hair bows by baby wispIn 2010, with much research into quality and excellence, the bulk of production was moved to Xiamen, China.  The manufacturing continues to occur in the same ISO certified facility that meets both European and North American testing standards for ink and textile compliance.  

    Beena continues to handle the design of the new collections every season to ensure styles are on point with what's hot in baby fashion.  


    Baby Wisp® strives to provide quality, design, style and service as a brand you can trust for your baby's first accessory.    The Baby Wisp® Mini Latch Wisp clips which are tiny little hair clips that comb into the finest little wispy peach fine- you can compare it to female adult arm hair and these clips will work on just one hair!  We test every batch for lead, cadmium and mercury and use stitching wherever possible (instead of chemical glues) so you don't need to wonder about the quality.  Buy with confidence.   It's funny there's so many immitators out there now, actually stealing our trademarked name and copyrighted images, but our customers demand quality (LEAD FREE PRODUCTS, Peeps) and a trusted brand that delivers service as well.


    Toronto Chapter




    Baby Wisp Shop in TorontoBy 2011, over 300 stores in Canada carried the Baby Wisp® brand on their shelves.  The family left Edmonton for Toronto.

    In 2013, Baby Wisp® opened a retail location in Toronto that housed office space for staff and a warehouse order fulfillment centre. The first baby hair accessory shop in Canada.  Yes, a whole shop just for baby and toddler hair bows. Picture it. It happened. The growth can be attributed to both the fact that our products work and moms trust the brand. 





    baby hair accessories boutique in toronto

    Family circumstances required the tough decision to close the Toronto shop in July 2016 and now Baby Wisp has re-opened in sunny San Diego, California... USA!









    Baby Wisp® USA chapter...

    And now the new story begins! Baby Wisp® has grown to over 300 retail shops in Canada, continued growth in the USA boutique shop market,  Amazon, Etsy and more.  

    The original Baby Wisp® babies have turned into kids in elementary school and the business has changed substantially from its Edmonton market roots.  We still have an administrative arm for the Canadian business to handle wholesale Canadian orders with our distribution partner but your ecommerce order on is shipping from the USA and your purchase is being made in $USD as of 2017.

    A few parting thoughts if you are considering making a purchase of Baby Wisp® products: 

    • We are trademarked for a reason - that is, we guarantee you that our clips are lead-free and meet the highest standards possible, so look for the brand and you know what you're buying.  Being a brand leader comes with its woes, we have tonnes of copiers.  Make sure your clips have the Baby Wisp® brand affixed so you can trust the quality.  

    • Our wisp clips / mini latch clips really do work on the finest hair.  Try them, you will see.  If you're not happy, we'll make it right.

    • This is a mama-owned business. 100%.  

     We strive for quality and excellence by:

    • Committing to meeting and/or exceeding safety standards. Our clips have been sampled and tested for lead, cadmium, and mercury - how many other accessory companies do you know do this? Ask questions. Our friends and family use our products too and we have a rock solid conscience about what we sell;

    • Keeping informed of industry news and regulations;

    • Conducting frequent accredited laboratory testing of not only metals but paint and gems used in our products (All passed with flying colours!);

    • Using non toxic glues & sewing wherever possible to reduce the use of chemicals in our products and keeps your bows from falling off. 

    Still not convinced we're legit?...Read more>> why should you choose to buy Baby Wisp®? Find out more here.

     Thank you for visiting.  Always love feedback.  


    I wanted to thank all the moms and photographers that are allowing us to use their adorable babies and photos to really show off the products!  Jana D, you've been amazing this year (2017) and thank you to Falicia Marie Photography for letting us use your shots!  If you have some great photos, please tag us on facebook or instagram and let us see. Melts my heart, every time.





    More Reasons to Know Baby Wisp® is Legit.

    Features to be proud of:

    Featured in the MARCH 2016 ISSUE COVER MODEL of Today's Parent. Reputable National Magazine.



    WOW! We are named #3 in the "9 Smart Baby Gifts Moms Will Actually Use" by Julie Cole who is one of the owner's of Mabel's Labels.



    Plus thousands of moms have used and loved our products since 2008 and over 300 shops carry the product. Check out the reviews on our website.  Buy on many sites but is the site with the most up to date and depth of colour and style offerings.



    3 reasons to buy Baby Wisp®:


    1. All of our products are Lead, Cadmium and Mercury Free.


    2. Baby Wisp offers unique and original designs that are hand stitched to reduce the use of chemicals and keep you on top of what's hot in baby fashion.


    3. Our products are created with QUALITY in mind- although there may be cheaper alternatives, 'cheaper' means the materials and craftsmanship (messy glues, fading fabrics, and parts that fall off which is not only disappointing but a big safety concern of the cheaper junk).


    We are most proud of the fact that we offer such high quality and health conscious products through Baby Wisp®. We spend that little bit extra in the design, craftsmanship, materials and testing so that we're a brand with a conscience. We are constantly reminding our customers that children should never be left alone with any hair accessories at all till they are at least 3 years old. We also stand behind our high quality products with a satisfaction guarantee. All moms want the best for their child and the owner, being a mom of two little ones- totally gets it!