Why buy Baby Wisp®?

Bald Babies LOVE our Accessories and so should you!

Why Baby Wisp®?

So you spent 9 months carrying this tiny human inside of you. Went through the pain and effort of delivery, popped out a baby girl- and you want to celebrate all the cutesy pretty and pink glory of a baby girl.  You're ECSTATIC to do all the girly girl stuff and aren't concerned about propogating the gender binary.  If boys want to wear hairbows - power to them and their moms who want their boys in hairbows!  You though, want the hairbows in her hair because you LOVE hairbows on little girls and feel this feminine accessory will sort out any confusion about the baby being a girl or boy from a general society perspective.  



Beena (Owner of Baby Wisp) felt the same way.   "Why is this baby girl, dressed up in a pink DRESS still being called a cute boy because she had barely any hair. Even the earrings didn't seem to do the trick!" 

Baby Barrette's For Fine Hair Toddler Wear Tux Snap Clip           Baby Girl in Baby Wisp Bows


Baby Wisp was created on this concept. Looking for something that said "Hi I'm a baby GIRL" without being too "in-your-face".

Lots of moms also want baby hair accessories that stay put without slipping on bald little baby's hair!

Being that the hair "little miss baldies" have on their head is generally thinner than… say a woman's arm hairit's not an easy thing to do! So we end up turning to headbands - right?


Beena wanted clips though! The baby hairs are so fine and wispy - it was difficult to keep traditional snap clip barrettes in the hair.

Canadian Baby Girl with Hardly Any Hair Needs Special HairClips for Fine Hair

This is where Beena came up with the idea and development of our Mini Latch clip. This clip is nearly impossible for your baby girl to pull out of her hair- until you want it to come out of course. It doesn't slide out nor fall of(when applied correctly). Yes a patent has been submitted on this!

With some research and work with a metals factory to make sure they were lead, mercury and cadmium free so no toxic elements come close to babies where they could potentially absorb the toxicity - we scored with our mini latch clip Baby Wisp clips!

Not only do they work but we offer over 300 styles in this amazing hair clip that stays in baby fine hair, coloured in a neutral colour with water repellent paints (also tested!) so the clips last a long time and match any style!



Watch this demonstration of the Baby Wisp Mini Latch Clip in Action!

We also continue to regularly test the clips to ensure the composition exceeds Health Standards and Brand stamp and batch our clips.  Make sure you're getting Baby Wisp® clips to be safe!  We have also have a patent submitted on this innovated product. 

Here's how the Baby Wisp Clip works:



If that's not enough - check out this AMAZING video showing the clips working on ARM HAIR!




 Features to be proud of:

Featured in the MARCH 2016 ISSUE COVER MODEL of Today's Parent.  Reputable National Magazine.




  WOW! We are named #3 in the "9 Smart Baby Gifts Moms Will Actually Use"  by Julie Cole who is one of the owner's of Mabel's Labels. 



 Plus thousands of moms have used and loved our products since 2008.  Check out the reviews on our website. 



3 reasons to buy Baby Wisp®:


1. All of our products are Lead, Cadmium and Mercury Free.


2. Baby Wisp offers unique and original designs that are hand stitched to reduce the use of chemicals and keep you on top of what's hot in baby fashion.


3. Our products are created with QUALITY in mind- although there may be cheaper alternatives, 'cheaper' means the materials and craftsmanship (messy glues, fading fabrics, and parts that fall off which is not only disappointing but a big safety concern of the cheaper junk).  


We are most proud of the fact that we offer such high quality and health conscious products through Baby Wisp®. We spend that little bit extra in the design, craftsmanship, materials and testing so that we're a brand with a conscience. We are constantly reminding our customers that children should never be left alone with any hair accessories at all till they are at least 3 years old. We also stand behind our high quality products with a satisfaction guarantee. All moms want the best for their child and the owner, being a mom of two little ones- totally gets it! 


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