How to Use a Mini Latch Wisp Clip

how to use a mini latch wisp clip

If this is your first time using the Baby Wisp® Mini Latch Wisp Clip, this pictorial guide shows in a few simple steps how to put the Wisp clip on your baby.

We are on instagram and we love this dad's technique!

The Mini Latch Wisp clip works on the tiniest peach fuzz and even latches on to just one strand of hair. The Wisp clip stays on securely and comfortably and doesn't slip or fall out! Perfect for babies with fine, little or barely any hair! 

Follow these easy steps when putting on the Wisp Clip:

1. Press center to open clip

2. Comb in some hair

3. Press outer edges down 

4. Clip is latched onto hair and comfortably lays flat on baby's head

That's it! Quick and simple! 

Need More Help?  Check out these videos on our Youtube Channel.


  • Step by Step - Taken at the Baby Wisp Shop in Toronto in 2016
  • Arm Hair Demonstration of clipping in wisp clip mini latch clips into fine peach fuzz hair. Just need a few strands!

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What do the back of the Baby Wisp Clip Look Like


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