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These hair accessories which include hair clips, hair bands and hair elastics are for use at your own risk. By placing an order with us, and/or using our products -  you agree that Baby Wisp® and its affiliates accept absolutely no liability for use/misuse or lack of supervision or any loss incurred while using our products. Do not leave your children unattended with any products that contain small parts as small parts pose a choking risk if put in mouth.  Any hair accessory (not just Baby Wisp® Hair Accessories!) are not intended for unsupervised use by children under 3 years of age. Thank you for your understanding and caution!


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These products ARE NOT TOYS and you should never allow your child to put these in their mouth. Never leave a child unattended. These clips are not recommended for unsupervised children under 3 because if they put it into their mouth, it is a choking hazard (because of small parts).   In general, please remove all your child's hair accessories before naps, car rides (when they are out of your reach)  daycare, bedtime etc. 
The hair clips are certainly adorably teeny but because they are so small and could potentially become a choking hazard. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU WILL LEAVE A CHILD UNSUPERVISED THAT COULD POTENTIALLY PUT IT IN THEIR MOUTH/ AROUND NECK, OTHER DANGEROUS USES.