Giving Back... One Bow at a Time

giving back one bow at a time

Helping Moms in Need

Baby Wisp® is committed to supporting local communities.

There are many babies in need of basic necessities in the San Diego area, including those from military, low income, homeless, HIV positive, teenage mothers and foster families. Baby Wisp® has now partnered with Gently Hugged, a nonprofit organization founded by two nurses who saw first hand the struggle of new moms that don't have the means to purchase the necessities for the crucial first year of the baby's life.  Operated by local nurses, retirees and community volunteers, it's an organization that helps families with limited resources. Gently Hugged collects and distributes gently used ("gently hugged") and new clothing, accessories and blankets to babies in need. 


Watch this short 1min video to see an overview of the organization.

The complete list of organizations that the bag goes to is here.

This is what the bag looks like and a Baby Wisp® Accessory will be found inside the "Girl" bag.

                   Gently hugged and Baby Wisp in San Diego    gently hugged bag topped with baby wisp bow 

The office and sorting facility is located in San Diego, California where Baby Wisp® is based.



What We Give

Every time an order is placed at, a vulnerable mother will receive one of our hair accessories for her child.

giving back one bow at a time gently hugged mother baby

We know a hair bow is not an essential, but it's that something extra mothers can have fun with and feel proud of dressing her daughter in.

We want to give vulnerable mothers a sense of pride and esteem when showing off their new baby.   Imagine the smiles you may have experienced while your daughter is wearing a pretty bow - this is what we want to give a mom who is struggling during a time when there should be so much joy.  A small way to give back dignity in this joyous time of having a baby girl.




Want to get involved?

Get to know more about Gently Hugged and ways you can help.

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