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      Alligator Hair Clips For Toddler Girls - Pinch Clips

      Alligator Hairclips are Perfect for Toddler Girls



      This section you will find hairbows for toddler girls or girls with more hair than baby fine hair.  Pigtails styles are the most popular hair style at this age or a side swept bangs look for little girls. These bows generally fit 12 month (with hair!!) and up.  Even school girls love these bows. 

      Side View of Alligator Hair Clips by Baby Wisp Hair Accessories Best for Toddler Girls

      Alligator hair clips you pinch open (they open on one side like an alligator's mouth) then release to shut on the hair.


      The most popular hair bow is our boutique bow in grosgrain ribbon with a knotted center - the Americana.