Easy Back-To-School Hair Styles For Toddler Girls

Easy Back-To-School Hair Styles For Toddler Girls

Back to school season is here...

To help you get ready, we have launched a Back-To-School Hair Bow Collection, which features all of our favorite school girl bow designs. Find hair bows that coordinate well with uniform colors or styles that will complete all her new back-to-school outfits! 

What are some of your favorite go-to hairstyles for school?

Here are some easy school hairstyle looks you need to try this school year: 


 Standard Pony Tail 


The typical standard ponytail is usually everyone's go-to hairstyle for school mornings because it is quick and simple. It also keeps your child's hair pulled back and out of the way during all the school activities. Add some large snap clips to add a little cute flair to a basic ponytail.


Small Messy Bun 


A messy bun is so effortless because the point is for it to be messy! This is one of the easiest hairstyles to try when there is not enough time in the morning for a perfect braid or a neat hair-do. Just throw on a cute hair clip and viola! 


Side Pull Through Braid 


This hairstyle is easy but looks beautiful! Your toddler would be sure to get so many compliments. You can add the cutest large snap clips to keep the hairstyle in place. 


Half Up/Half Down Pony Tail 

The half up/half down style is perfect for girls that don't have enough hair for a complete hairstyle. Add large bows (Americana- a customer favorite) or cute printed clips to highlight the simple hair-do.  


Side Twists 

Side twist one side or both sides of her hair! This is a very simple look to recreate on busy mornings. Secure twists with some hair spray and pinch clips


We would love to see these styles on your little one so please tag us @babywisp! Or show us your favorite go-to's. 

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