3 Alligator Clips for 14.95 - Girl Hair Bows

3 Alligator Clips for 14.95 - Girl Hair Bows

This section contains hair bows on our alligator clips and that make great toddler bows or larger boutique bows for older girls.  Here you find beautiful hair accessories for girls with more hair.   (These clips are also known as pinch clips, because you 'pinch' them open', slide in hair, then release to close)  which are single pronged stainless steel clips.  This type of clip works on toddler girls with more hair and especially preschooler girls and up!  Their hair is not as fine as baby and wispy haired toddlers and is almost like adult hair so can wear the bigger clips that even mommy can wear.  The most popular in this section is the Americana pinch clip.  Bonus offer is the Americana Large Wisp clip in this section! It has the comb back clip and is not an alligator clip.

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