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      Pigtail Hairbows for Babies and Toddlers

      Pigtail Hairbows for Babies and Toddlers
      Need little bows to decorate the front of baby or toddler girl's cute "pigtail" hairstyle?  This is accomplished by splitting the child's hair into two equali sections.  Gather half at the top and match the other side.  Secure it with an elastic.  Then slide in one of our bows to create a cute look.   You can also just pile the hair on top in a single elastic - know as the "whale spout", "pineapple", or "pebbles" hair style.  These baby hair clips and toddler hair bows clip in and create the toddler girl hairstyle you are looking for and this section makes it easy for you to find the pair of matching bows you need!