Sparkle and Glitter Hair Accessories

Sparkle and Glitter Hair Accessories

Sparkly and Glittery Hair Accessories

 Welcome to our Sparkle Collection!

Holidays, parties, dress up, and every day

It doesn't really matter when you put on some sparkling accessories, does it? Our sparkling accessories are always lead-free so you won't find rhinestones here! Any gems we use in our products are acrylic based and thoroughly tested to be safe for your child while also being sparkly and pretty. The materials we use in the glittering tuxedo bow is a non toxic glittery faux leather. The velvet ribbon clips are very soft and provide that bling for festive outfits or the party girl you can't hold back. But then....there's always sequins right?

Why wait for a dance class, when you can rock out with the itzy glitzy style of a star! Find your shimmering hair accessories for your little girl here.

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