5 Small Summer Charlotte Bow Snap Clips- Cielo Azul

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5 Small Summer Charlotte Bow Snap Clips- Cielo Azul

5 stunning colors in soft pastel and warm tones to wear this Summer. A summer bow set created for baby girl beach day photoshoots! Colors are perfect for infant and toddlers girl styles this summer! Essential baby ribbon bow colors to match all her summer day dresses! This clip works in fine hair of baby girls and toddler girls best.  Hairclips hold back fine wispy hair from the face and style kids with cute bows to take great baby photos during summer!

The Charlotte bow is a traditional tuxedo baby bow that is a slightly bigger version of the Baby Wisp® Mini. 

This little infant hair bow is about 4cm in diameter and 2.5cm tall and tied in grosgrain ribbon only. Bow is attached to our 30 mm stainless steel ribbon wrapped snap clip. Snap clips slide in and "snap" shut like a barrette style. Do not use in damp hair. This bow looks best on little girls 3 months to 18 months. You must have hair for this clip to work. Fine hair will work.

Colors in this set include: Wheat, Peach, Ivory, Seaside Blue, Saddle Brown