Mini Wisp Clip Tuxedo Bow Grosgrain Ribbon Bow - Icy Pink

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Mini Wisp Clip Tuxedo Bow Grosgrain Ribbon Bow - Icy Pink

Icy Pink ribbon bow for fine hair that are non slip. Tiny bows that stay in baby fine hair and don't fall out when applied correctly. This is the cutest bow you will ever see because it is so tiny and adorable, it really amps the awww factor of your newborn girl.

Baby Hair clips that work and do not move once applied correctly. Fits 0-12 months best, after that the proportion looks small for the head so hurry and enjoy this adorable look while she is small.This is the bow shape for you if you love a traditional shaped hair bow. It's tuxedo styled hair bow is super cute and teeny sized for little babies with hardly any hair!  This is our best seller - first designed in 2008 and what has made Baby Wisp® such an easily recognizable brand of bow.

☆Instructions to use Wisp Clip:

♥ You Snap open the hair clip, comb in some hair and the tiny combs interlock into the wispy barely there hair.
♥ Do not press on the baby's head!
♥ Please watch this video that show's the cutest baldy having these clips put on, I use two hands to open and close the clip!
♥ Feel free to practise on a friend's arm hairs first before trying on a short peach fuzz head baby!

♥ Fits 0-12 M with fine hair best
♥ Stainless steel with water repellent coating
♥ Bows are hand stitched onto the clips.
♥ High Quality Grosgrain Rib