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      Baby Wisp®

      Working on pictures of the new Essential

      Working on pictures of the new Essentials pack I've assembled. Of course I made triple the number of pinks than I did of the grey, blue, purple, reds. Next, I'm working on a promotion with a great baby store, we'll see how that pans out. Have to get to the printer today to pick up my new packaging. Fans want the unmovables now, so I have to hurry and finish securing the bows down and get these out.

      So we are settling in to Eastern Canada

      So we are settling in to Eastern Canada and am just getting all the inventory set up in such a way that I can put together orders easily. In a nutshell, the last week had ups and downs. Got two new retailers who just heard about us...that's nice, no legwork for me ! On the downside, I had an existing retailer be not so nice and it's been hard to bite my tongue about it and in fact turn the cheek. It's the worst when it's other business owners who are anal. It's like duh, imagine if you had to deal with yourself as a customer hahahaha I think I'm my own worst nightmare!

      new booties launched tonight

        Oh no! I'm not very good at this blogging thing am I?  I had posted some rants that I since deleted because I don't think that is what a blog is supposed to be about!  We moved from Edmonton to Mississauga this fall.  It's been great for baby wisp but a little tough on the family.  For baby wisp moving into new territory with these booties being our first attempt into boys wear.  The boys booties are 100% wool.  My personal favorite bootie is the Etzia style with the flower on the toe but the Yasmine you can clip in our blossom on the toe and it looks great. I just spent a few days launching these booties and hence am exhausted. peace out for now.[gallery]