Baby Wisp® is Moving!

Baby Wisp entering the USA in a big way
Time to make a move...

Another BIG MOVE for Baby Wisp®

  In a really big way, we're making a change...again!  We are moving our operations to California!  It sounds crazy but as you know, this is a family business and we are moving from Toronto to San Diego and Baby Wisp is coming with us!!   We have so many things to do both on a family front and a business front and we hope you will join us in celebrating this big decision!  I think it will be a good move for Baby Wisp to be able grow internationally and it's something I have always wanted to do. Baby Wisp will be shutting down in Toronto which means we have to clear out the shop!  Although the physical Toronto office, boutique and warehouse will be shutting down, we will continue to have an online shop available ( that can continue to ship internationally with no issues! bab-wisp-shop baby-wisp-tutus-display babywisp-bow-displays babywisp-headbandsbabywisp-shop babywisps-shop

Countdown to California begins now!

We will be offering one big deal each week and now is your chance to grab a huge collection at a fraction of the price as we clear out our shop in preparation for shutting down the physical Toronto location.   You know how closeout sales go....they get crazy low deals so don't miss out.   We can't be shipping all of our stock down.  If you are a wholesaler or group buy - you have the opportunity to get even better deals!  Just email and I will hook you up. Join our newsletter so you see the deals first just go to and sign up there.

7 weeks to go....

    Deal 1: 5 headbands* for just $10 jasmineheadbandCheckout the headband deal!  This seems crazy but includes headbands that usually retail for well over $ our Jasmine Headbands that are a soft flower that lays flat with dainty petals, acrylic bead centre and soft stretch elastic.  Remember, you can only get the deal if you ADD 5 of these select headbands to your cart.   ENJOY the craziness---> shopnowblackbutton *select headbands which include a selection of over 50 different headbands Deal 2:  Find out Next Week!

Thank you so much for all your support Toronto and GTA in our Longbranch location.

We look forward to the next chapter and will love for you to stay in touch and see what's next for us.

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