Baby's First Holiday Photo Ideas

Baby's First Holiday Photo Ideas

Baby's First Christmas and Holiday Photo 

Taking that precious picture of baby's first Christmas and Holiday is fun and memorable. But we know that there may be some stress and pressure involved just trying to take that perfect photo. Here are some ideas to help make the process easier so you can take wonderful photos of your little one to cherish forever. The important thing is to have fun and be as creative as you want. 

1. Cute Holiday Outfit + Hair Bow Accessory

Pick out the perfect holiday outfit for baby girl. Whether it's a festive onesie or a cute holiday dress, you can't go wrong dressing her up. Matching family pajamas is also fun so everyone in the family can join in too. You can also pick out a couple different outfits for her to change so that you can get a variety of photos. Don't forget to include coordinating hair bows to complete baby girl's holiday outfits. Pick out headbands and hair clips so she gets to wear a matching one for each outfit. Our top picks for the season are Velvet Bows, Glitter Bows, Plaid Bows, Corduroy Bows and Red & Green Bows. See them here>>

2. Holiday Props 

Add some fun festive props like baby's stocking, stuffed elf or reindeer toy, pine cones, ornaments, a Christmas book, blanket, or wrapped presents. These are great because not only does it add to the festive holiday look, but baby can also play with the props to keep them busy while you take the pictures. 

3. Backdrop and Lighting 

You can use a variety of rooms as your backdrop like the fireplace, Christmas tree and baby's nursery. To get the best lighting, make sure you take photos in the day when there is lots of natural light. 

4. Capture Candid Moments

Those candid shots are priceless. Capture baby playing and laughing. Get baby to play with a sibling or sing their favorite songs to get them to smile. 


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