Lana Bow Headband: Step by Step on How To Tie A Big Bow

Lana Bow Headband: Step by Step on How To Tie A Big Bow

Lana Bow Headband - Large Headwrap for Baby & Toddler Girls

Our Lana Bow Headband is a gorgeous extra wide headwrap with a knotted bow that will definitely add impact to your little girl's ensemble. If you love big bows, this one is for you! What's unique about this headband bow is that is adjustable. It comes pre-tied, but you are free to retie to suit your style and customize your fit as needed. 

Want to tie the perfect bow on our Lana Bow Headband? With our step-by-step guide on how to tie a big bow, it'll be super easy for you to do it on your own. Just follow our simple steps outlined in our graphic below and you'll be tying your own bow in no time at all!

 Step by Step Guide on How to Tie a Big Bow:

 11 easy steps to tying a perfect big bow on our Lana Bow Headband. Try it yourself!


Our Lana Bow Headband is sure to turn heads. Available in 6 modern colors. Add some oomph to baby girl's Spring and Summer outfits with this beautiful big bow. Made of cotton polyester blend fabric, this headband is soft with a little stretch. Suited for ages 3 months to 4 years.


See some of our Spring Outfit Ideas that pair well with the Lana Bow Headband:

Lana Bow Headband in a soft dusty rose pairs well with this Butterfly sleeved dress from H&M. 

This White Lana Bow Headband gives a nice accent to this Linen baby dress in green from Etsy.


Try it in Navy to contrast with a lighter colored dress like this White Ruffled Summer Dress from Light in the box. 



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