Introducing New Sandra Boutique Bows - perfect for Toddler Pigtails

Introducing New Sandra Boutique Bows - perfect for Toddler Pigtails

Piggie Bows for Toddler Hair- Now in Stock. 

Our customers with toddler girls have been asking us for more options for bows to style with pigtail and ponytails and this bow is a custom Baby Wisp Boutique bow design!  We named it the Sandra Bow!  Uses high quality grosgrain ribbon, tied in loops at each 4 corner so it is never upside down.  These new Sandra Bows are perfect for toddler girls, one for each side of the Head.  

The bows are 3" in total length, 1.5" tall. Made from Flat 1/2" Grosgrain ribbon, available in a variety of trendy and classic styles. 1.5" alligator clip.   You can see it is a very small pinch clip with teeth and ribbon covered. 

There are many modern colors to match baby and toddler girl's wardrobe.

Fits 12 months and up, must have hair to work. 


They are available in Ivory, Black,White, Red, Navy, Rose Petal Pink, Camelia Rose, Ballet Pink, Bluebird, Forest Green, Vintage Gold, Burgundy, Peach, Lavender and Caramel! Perfect for the Holidays!



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