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    knowledge Sharing — mothers day

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    Twinning for Mother's Day is Winning

    Twinning for Mother's Day is Winning

    #Twinning is Winning

    Mother's Day is always a special time to do something with your child (children) and feel special.  No, really special.  Like, they finally took a sec to appreciate you and are reflecting on all that you do for them every day!  It's also a time for baby daddy to love the great job you are doing and hey, while he's at it...YOU need to take the time to love the day and how much you have grown this past year as a mother! Oh and lastly, don't forget about your mom! :)

    I hope you are doing something special and making sure to capture the moment.  If one picture, could sum it up - what would that look like?  Would you twin your outfit with your daughter or just coordinate it somehow. 

    I'm probably going to coordinate somehow.   Maybe the denim again (see look below) since we have decided not to do a fancy brunch but are grabbing tacos in downtown San Diego instead!

    Mother Daughter at Baby Wisp

    I must admit it was easier when my daughter didn't want to pick out her own clothes.  When she was a baby or toddler, I was able to twin it a lot more! 

    I love how Tamanna (check instagram @babydyf or @dressyourface) either wears outfits like her daughter or coordinates her outfits in similar colors and styles.

    Here are our favourites of this stylish California mom and her tiny tot.  

    How about this one - where the colors are similar- do you like?

    baby dyf  - twinning without totally matching outfits with your baby - mommy n me look

    Yes, of course some highlight a Baby Wisp® bow (**BLUSHING**)!! Color Tones are similar again

    Dress your Face and Baby DYF coordinating colors

    Favourite is this family photo, notice all the blues in their outfits?  Of course, Aliya's cute little white chelsea bow by Baby Wisp makes me giddy with pride.

    the Dress your face family photo looking so well coordinated  


    Please tag us this Mother's Day (@babywisp, or #babywisp so we can LOVE being a part of this special day too)

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    GRATEFUL to be a Mom SALE

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