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      Baby's First Easter! The Easter Bow Hunt...

      Baby's First Easter!  The Easter Bow Hunt...

      easter bows for baby girl

      Easter Egg Candy Hunting?  Nah!  Go Easter Bow Hunting!

      Why have baby girl out there looking for lots of candy then sugar overdosing when you can have her search for brightly coloured bows (and frankly, anything but candy!).  Just an idea to help you make baby or toddler's first easter extra special and memorable (bows last longer than chocolate too!) 

      Use Coupon:  EASTER25

      to get 25% off any of the sets and bows found here in our easter hair bow hunt section!  It's found under collections>Easter Bow Hunt 

      Hurry, this offer ends April 7, 2017.

      Purchase little eggs and put the bows inside! It's a great.  Here's a video about how to do that!