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      Lootbags for Kids' Parties

      Lootbags for Kids' Parties

      Are you one of those moms who don't want to give out plasticky junk or unhealthy candies?

      So you're looking for a unique lootbag item to give out at your little girl's party that won't get thrown out as soon as you give it out?

      Here's a great alternative!! Baby Wisp now offers bulk discounts on products specifically for lootbag goodies!

      Even if you're not looking for loot bag ideas for children's parties and are just a mom who likes one style and wants all the colours - this is the deal for you to get a bulk discount!  

       Please comment at check out that your order is for a LOOTBAG so that we pack each clip on high quality branded card stock which make beautiful gifts. Girls birthday parties just got better.

      Please note that we do not supply the bags for the loot, you will get each product on separate packaging for easy gifting upon request!