Baby Hair Accessories Holiday Deals

You better be good, you better not pout you better not cry i'm telling you why-SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!! 

Just incase you havn't been keeping track it is nearing December and Christmas is a few days away!

Because our Cyber Monday Deals were such a success we have decided to start our Christmas Countdown a little bit early!!! 

The Christmas Count Down Sale is going to work just like our Cyber Monday Deals did.

For those who didn't catch this sale and are eager to pack thier stockings with Baby Wisp hair accessories- here's how the fun will happen: 


1. All of the action will be on Facebook so if you have not 'Liked' us yet- you are going to want to! 


2. Each day at random times we will post a deal. The first comment we see in our comment section will win the deal! 


3. Once chosen the winner will be provided with the purchase order for the deal and applicaple shipping charges  


All of the items that are part of this sale are One of a Kind and Handmade by one of our designers Veronica. 

If you missed our Cyber Monday sale below are some examples of the deals we had!



This sale is open to anyone anywhere. We ask that if you are chosen as the deal winner that you

contact us within 3 hours of being chosen inorder to claim your deal!

**Regular Standard Shipping Charges will be added to your purchase order.