Baby Wisp 6 Years Strong

6 Years Strong...

Wow! It feels crazy that on October 16th, 2014, we celebrated 6 years in business!


My thoughts on the 6 years

I will be celebrating 6 years as the owner and operator of Baby Wisp. It has become the “go-to” brand of products oh so long ago now in Canada for Baby's First Accessory, which surpassed my ambitions for it when I began working on these products oh so long ago.



Baby Wisp started out humble, in a small 10x10 space on Saturdays at either the St. Albert Farmer's Market or the Edmonton City Centre Farmer’s Market. Here’s a picture at the St. Albert one in the summer of 2008. Hitting 5 years after looking at these old pictures I feel this is a great opportunity to reflect on the growth of the company due to the support of many people. I may have busted my hump to turn this into a real company but it’s not like I could have done it without a lot of help. 


First, the customers who kept coming back and telling all their friends about the products- amazing! This lead to retail boutiques calling me up because their customers kept asking for the productsThank You Peeps! That love is the encouragement that let me know I did have something special here because you weren’t family just trying to support your clan member.



Here and Now...

Here's a picture of some of my first hand-made hair clips and old packaging.I got a lot of support (that I don't financially pay for) like my husband,my family, and my friends. Thank You! I could go into the long list that enabled me to dive into Baby Wisp and ditch my old career but I’ll spare you the teary Emmy speech..hahaha!

Our business has grown over the past 6 years into a nationally carried brand with over 400 retailers and a very successful online business. Last summer we also expanded into a show room and retail store located in Toronto to keep up with our inventory space required, processing spaceand need to offer a pick up location for our die hard fans.

Boy's Bow Ties



We’ve launched a small boy’s accessory line called L'il Mr Man which currently includes L'il Mr Man ties and gifts for baby boys. My lil man was having fun at this photo shoot!


What's next?

Working on a new school girl line of accessories for girls older than 3. My daughter is now 6 after all, I still make her clips but I see they are not the same as the Baby and Toddler collections! We might need to re-paint a section of our pretty pink store to accommodate L'il Mr Man and the new older girl collection. Details to come!


Oh and what's my point?

There is a saying that goes "Work isn't work when you love what you do" and lately, the “love what you do” statement has made me feel like barfing. LOL! Sorry but that’s how I feel when I hear that nowadays.  It’s become a bit cliché (I blame Oprah) and I hear it sold to people like some sort of dream that everyone and every entrepreneur can attain just by loving what you do, it won't be work and success just comes with it.  I know several people that had a passion, followed it and it didn’t work out as they’d expected.  Did they love it any less than I love Baby Wisp? I don’t believe that.

 There are so many factors that need to fall into line for your business to grow and continue to thriveI feel so thankful and appreciative that my stars aligned and Baby Wisp continues to thrive. 


Happy Birthday Baby Wisp! Love you!