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    Boutique in Toronto is NOW CLOSED Permanently.

    Baby Wisp® Boutique, Office, Warehouse, Processing Centre & Pick up location in Toronto

    Update: July 15, 2016   We have moved to California.  New details to be released in late August.  We will miss Long Branch, Toronto and all this cute little pink n purple building had to offer us.  Excited to see what's in store next. 

    Baby Wisp Boutique

    Pictures of the Baby Wisp Boutique in Toronto, Canada 

    Baby Wisp Boutique Staff


    Baby Wisp® Boutique & Pick Up Location

    Building was Established in 2013

    Our Baby Wisp® Building was established in July 2013.  The business began in 2008 at a farmer's market in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and remained a home business for 5 years.  The time came to expand in 2013.  We expanded out of a home business to a location in Toronto that houses our products that we distribute nationally and internationally.  With over 400 shops and businesses carrying Baby Wisp® products on their shelves, we could no longer store that volume in what was previously a home-business.

    As staff grew, it also became necessary to have office space to work on the administrative side of Baby Wisp.  This includes sales, marketing, graphic design, photography, editing, product design and development, import/ export activities, meetings with vendors and suppliers etc.  We split up the space in the building among warehousing, order processing, a cute little boutique shop and office space.  

    Changes in 2015

    With further growth online, we found that we needed more office space so a decision was made to reduce the space of our boutique section.  By this, we mean, there isn't that much product out displayed. You are better off placing an order online and coming in for a pick up as we have everything in stock in the warehouse section just not out for display in the boutique area.  We carry some other brands out like wubbanub soothers, razberry, Lulujo, Piggy Paint and Zoochini.  We also have ready made gift baskets for those heading to a baby shower or baby birthday party!

    Retail and Etail customers made appointments to pick up their orders (and save shipping in this way).

    About Us

     We sell baby headbands, baby hair bows, baby hair clips, ribbon covered clips, no slip clips, our patent pending mini latch clips that stay in baby fine hair, and other beautiful hair accessories for babies. 


    Baby Wisp Boutique

    Baby Wisp Boutique - Inside Store

    Baby Wisp Boutique