Baby's First Christmas

Christmas is going to be even more special this year! Why? Well because you have a new little beauty to celebrate with!


Baby's first Christmas for me was such an exciting time for my baby to meet family she had not met yet, take some adorable pictures, experience her first snow fall and open her first gifts! Although she may not remember this day in her memory,these are the pictures and memories you share with her when she grows up! 


Red Baby Bow for Christmas
 Cute Mini Latch Clip for Christmas  

Baby's first Christmas is not only an exciting time but it is a busy time! Baking holiday treats, wrapping gifts and of course opening them- requires some pretty cute and durable accessories! For those who haven't heard about nor tried our Mini-Latch Clip, this would be a great time to test out how well they work! Baby Wisp Mini-latch Clips come in a variety of shapes and styles that keep your baby on trend and will work with almost any outfit!


My favourite Mini-Latch Clip for the Holidays is The Mini-latch Tuxedo Fancy Bow. 


The Mini-Latch Tuxedo Fancy Bow in Red or Black or white are my go-to colours when it comes to the Holidays.


This Grosgrain Mini-Latch clip is simple enough to go with almost any holiday outfit- but can also be worn after the holidays! Since it is Baby's first Christmas she may not have a ton of hair- but that's ok - find out more about our Un-movable Mini-Latch Clips.


If you are more into headbands and looking for something a little bolder I totally recommend a piece from our brand new Winter Collection. The Dainty Snowdrop Headband is a very unique and pretty style. The light flowy fabric won't overpower baby girl's beautiful face, but will add just enoughsparkle and colour to compliment her holiday cheer! 

 Mini Latch Clip
Baby Boy


If you are celebrating a First Christmas for a baby boy you should definitely check out our Lil Mr Man Neck Ties and Bow Ties.


I hope this gives you some ideas if you were looking for a way to finish off your little one's First Christmas Outfit! Wishing you all the best this holiday season! 


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Baby Girl Christmas Accessory