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    Floral Patterned Hair Accessories

    Summer trends for baby girl in 2018 are showing F L O R A L love!

    Girls in pretty floral dresses, rompers, shorts and bathing suits are what has inspired our new floral collection at  Go into any kids fashion apparel brand and you are sure to see flowers in abundance.  Whether they are artsy patterns, vintage looks or traditional floral patterns, you will see it in both boys and girls wear of all ages.  With that in mind, your daughters accessory style can also be on point with beautiful floral patterns too.  You can mix and match with your child's floral apparel or you can have her wear a solid color outfit and then add the floral through her accessory!  Whatever you choose, we've made it easy to find our florals--> look under COLLECTIONS in the menu bar or click here to shop now. 

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