Birthday Parties of Little Girls - Special Birthday Bows

Celebrating Baby Girl's First Birthday?

Find the perfect bow for 1st Birthday and beyond

The big one year party for your baby (Waaah - toddler right?!) is here!  

We have one bow, specifically created for birthday parties of little girls who are turning one.  This special event for infant girl deserves a special bow! 

Here's the White one on a pinch clip, which looks best worn in a ponytail on the top of head and this clipped in front.

Baby's first birthday bow

 Birthday Bows come in both white version and a pink version - clip or headband for a total of 4 to choose from. 

Birthday Bow for 1st Birthday Pink Glitter Bow

These bows are specifically for the 1st birthday but if your daughter is older then why not consider the bow that doesn't have a number on it or other impactful bows? Click here to see more

Cute little bows can be used to hold back flyaways on preschool girls too and therefore you can just email us for a lootbag deal.  The lootbag deal can offer you more brand name bows at a lower price!  

Snap Clip barrettes for toddlers