Boy's Accessories

Boys Bow Ties and Neck Ties




Baby Wisp now carries accessories for boys. Usually the first thing that comes to mind when people hear 'Baby Wisp' is hair clips for baby girls. So, why did we decide to expand into boys apparel? Seems a bit out of place right? 


My daughter was born in 2007 and that's how the concept of Baby Wisp was born. She has such a unique personality that ordinary headbands and hairclips just wouldn't do much for her. I started making accessories for her, because who knows a little girl's style and personality better than her own mama? 


When my son came along two years later I couldn't leave him out! Little boys have their own style too. But with boys it's so hard to accessorize and their clothes lack the "awwwww" factor on the most part....except for when they are trying to be like Daddy and be the "Lil Mr Man". I found the bow ties and skinny neck ties were the best accessory for a boy that brings a smile to anyone's face.     


Ties are not limited to just special occasions where they're wearing suits. Sometimes my son will be wearing denim shorts and a short sleeved dress shirt and a pair of Converse and I'll add a cute bowtie or neck tie to complete the outfit. I'm sure I'm not the only mom who loves outfits like that ;)

back of boys tie

Lil Mr. Man

I designed this tie to have a velcro neck for both sizes (even past two years old) because my son plays so hard that I'm scared to leave him with something around his neck. This way the velcro can pop open if it is pulled hard enough. Yet, the velcro can be tucked in under the collar very neatly as shown.


I increased the size of the velcro strip too so it is adjustable tighter or looser. The neck tie also has a little branded tie holder so he can truly pretend his lil neck tie is like daddy's.

I got a cotton tie for my son when he was about 6 months old and really liked it except that I had to tie it myself and then when I washed it, it was pilled and never kept the same "new look".  That's why I searched high and low for a tightly woven polyester that doesn't have that cheap sheen to it, you can tell it's a quality material that is durable.  A little soap and water on a warm washcloth and these ties wipe clean.


With the opening of the boutique in Toronto we've had a lot of customers come in asking for boys clothes but for now, we want to know how you like our ties!  

side view boy's bow tie