Cute Baby Headbands

Your baby girl is your prized possession and your favourite times with her are the moments you share while getting her ready to enjoy a brand new day or adventure! Baby headbands are definitely a staple item you should have in your baby hair accessories collection. Baby headbands are an easy way to keep wisps out of baby's eyes and face while also adding a special something to her outfit. If you are new to Baby Wisp or have not yet tried our headbands let me tell you a little about why you should!
double blossom flower headband

Colour and Style

Our most popular headbands like the island breeze and the dahlia headband are unique designs we take pride in producing.

Our crochet double blossom flower is a custom design we began producing first in 2008. Our baby headbands are designed in accordance to current baby trends keeping our products relevant and also including classic pieces that will last to grow with baby girl! We have a wide colour selection for most of our baby headbands. A lot of our colour inspiration comes from what fashion trends and Pantone Palettes say is in style but we also modify our styles and colours to be wearable and attractive for mamas buying for baby girl! In order for us to gauge which products we continue to make and the designs we create- we look to our customers for feedback. If you have any of our baby headbands and would like to share your experience or comments, please feel free to leave all of your baby headband reviews in the comments of our product listings!


Quality and Price

Baby Wisp Baby Headbands range between $3.95 for a simple basic headband and $19.00 for our more intricate designs.


Our baby headbands are priced based on material as well as labor and design.  All of our baby headbands are made from quality materials and have been laboratory tested to be certified lead free. The quality of our products is top notch and we have still been able to offer much more affordable prices for such quality. 


White Lacey Headband Baby Headband
 baby headband-poppy red hairband-jasmine-purple  

Flower Baby Headbands

Baby Wisp has array of flower headbands for your baby girl! Flowers are always a go-to when looking for a girly baby hair accessory! Our baby wisp flower headbands are classic yet modern designs. These flowers will jazz up the most casual outfit and compliment a more formal dress or fancy top! To see our full flower baby headband collection click here.



 Crochet Knit baby Headbands

A sweet gift idea for a newborn or a young baby girl is a crochet headband. We have basic crochet headbands which are made from soft and stretchy material that will be gentle on your baby girl's soft scalp. The Crochet Headbands are also a favourite because you are easily able to slide any of the baby hair clips from our collection into the crochet baby headband! This means you can utilize one neutral colour headband and get a variety of looks! Super cute!!


 Black Headband
 Red Flower Headband  

Size and Proportion 

In order to have proper and comfortable sizing for baby headbands we use the Canadian Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Growth Charts as a reference point. This chart lays out the size and circumference of a baby girl's head as she ages. Sizing is very important when it comes to babies because they are constantly growing more and more each day! Baby Wisp baby headbands are also carefully designed to be proportionate to baby girl's head size. We provide a wide range of accent sizes in order to accommodate those who don't mind extravagant accessories but the majority of our headband accessories are proportionate to the size of baby girl's beautiful head!

To find out which size would be best for your baby girl click here for our Sizing Chart. 


Health and Safety

Your baby girl's heath and safety is very important to us at baby wisp. Baby Hair accessories fall under the category of "Baby Jewelry" according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission(USA). This means that they may become an unsafe accessory if the proper precautions are not followed. To find out more about how to keep your baby safe and cute please click here.




Headbands not your thing? Baby Wisp has an entire line of amazing hair clips that

will look just as cute as a headband in your baby girl's hair! Click here to see the whole line!