How to keep your baby from pulling out her Hair Bow

So you went onto, filled up your cart with a bunch of your favourite hair accessories, paid, waited for delivery and were so excited when they finally arrived! But then, you try to put these clips in your baby girl’s hair and she takes them right out! That’s ok, you have come to the right place- we CAN help you.


Getting your baby girl to keep a hair clip in her wispy fine hair- if she isn’t used to the idea- can really be a challenge. Over the past couple of weeks we have been very inspired by the methods our Baby Wisp mamas use to keep these clips in.


First and foremost, you must try our MINI LATCH CLIPS!! 

Mini Latch Clip
keeping baby hair clips from being pulled out On March 26th we asked on Facebook:  

We got an overwhelming amount of responses! These were some of the tips and tricks you commented: 

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Thank you so much for sharing your methods- some of you are so lucky to have girls who just naturally adjust to having a clip on their head! If your daughter is not as comfortable don’t panic- just try some of these suggestions and she will be wearing bows in no time!

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 Baby Wisp Method 1



Baby Wisp Method one:


  • Try distracting your baby girl with a their favourite toy or Doll. This little one was at our Spring Session Photo Shoot and I wanted to show the moms how to easily switch out their Mini Latch Clips and avoid baby girl trying to pull them out
  • Clip the Mini Latch clip in her hair by using your hands as a guide, scooping the clip into her hair and snap shut using your fingers, not pressing on her head
  • Use a toy ( or a doll) as a distraction. Some times babies just need theirattention to be switched and they will totally forget that the clip was put in!
  • You have your self a happy and well accessorized baby girl! 

Baby Wisp Method Two:

A couple of weeks ago we saw this video from Youtube Mommy and Hair Guru Whitney from Naptural85. If you skip ahead in this video to 3:48 Whitney shows you how she puts 2 bows in her daughters hair side by side so that she will pull out the second one - and completely ignore the one you actually want to stay in! We talked to some Baby Wisp mamas at our Spring Session and they also found that this trick has worked for them! 





Do you have any other tips and tricks that you use to keep your baby girl from pulling out her hair bows? Share your ideas on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #babywisp- we would love to hear your unique ideas! 

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