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      Bangs and unruly hair can be difficult to deal with- especially if you are running late in the morning or trying to fix a fidgety little girls hair- anytime!  

      Having bangs can be especially challenging for mama to control on baby girl. Bangs look great when they are first cut and if you maintain them baby girl will always look cute and put together. But we all know that it’s not that easy AND along with outfits baby hairstyles change based on what you like and what baby girl likes. 

      baby girl with bangs

      Girl above is wearing a Mini wisp clip - Mia Leather in Pink.

      Since 2008, Baby Wisp has carried trendy and unique hair clips for everyday casual wear. Our 'Basics' clips come in Small Snap, Mini- Latch Clip, Large Latch Clip, Gator Clip and Snap Clips.    Our Baby Wisp Basics collection includes Ribbon Wrapped Gator Clips with Silicone Grip. These Gator clips are wrapped in unique colours and designs and include a silicone strip that helps keep clips in your little girl's hair! These clips are a little bit too big for new borns and babies but these ribbon wrapped accessories are perfect for any girl over 3-or with thicker and longer hair! These Clips are by far THE BEST solution to messy bangs for toddlers whether in a rush or just not sure how to get past the "growing out" phase of baby girls bangs if her style changes. The last thing you want to do is have to get her hair cut too short just to keep her bangs out of her eyes. 

      silicone grip in ribbon clips
       Easy to sweep my bangs to the side since they stay put longer than the other clips I would use AND they come in super cute and stylish colours.    

      If you like your baby girl's hair accessories to have a little more girly-ness to them you should definitely check out these Basic Snap Clips. These Ribbon Wrapped Snap Clips are finished off with an adorable Bow Accent and add a little something special to a Basic and Essential baby hair accessory.    Snap clips do not have silicone strips and they will slide into fine hair.  

      back of snap clip

      They are made with lead free stainless steel clips and generally fit 6 months and up because they are so light they make more sense than gator clips for finer hair. 

      chelsea grosgrain bow on small snap clip

      All our clips exceed cpsia | cpsc | health Canada standards for cadmium, lead and mercury in metal composition. How do we know? Because we pay for third party testing from an accredited lab. Don't let messy baby and toddler bangs and unruly hair control the way you get baby girl ready for school, play dates, birthday parties or brunch with friends. Baby Wisp Basics come in a variety of colours, patterns and styles.You are sure to love them all and be sure to scoop up your favourites! 

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