Top Baby Flower Hair Accessories

Top Baby Flower Hair Accessories

Flower Hair Accessories




Our Favourite Flower Accessories


Flowers and floral prints have been popping up on the trendiest blogs and magazines for spring must have prints and accessories this season. Flowers are so pretty and come in such beautiful colours that really add a pop to an outfit! Read through to find out about a limited time and exclusive spring gift with your baby flower hair accessory purchase!

Crochet Flower Hairclip

1. Colossal Blossom


The Colossal Blossom is a crochet flower on a headband or gator clip. The crochet flower is perfect for spring because baby girl can still get away with wearing soft knit wear. This crochet flower clip looks great on its own,on a headband or clipped into a hat! This is a versatile piece that she can wear most of the year and goes with a tone of outfits!


2. Island Breeze


The Island breeze is another very versatile accessory. The Island Breeze on both the Gator Clip and headband are perfect accessories for the spring and summer. These tropical flowers also look great around the holidays and work well for special occasions! Try clipping this flower into a hat or headband for a whole new look!

These clips can be put into high or low ponytails and even mama can rock this clip in a low-side ponytail or to accent a bun!

Island Breeze
Jasmine Gator Clips

3. Jasmine Gator


Jasmine is one of my favourite flowers. I love how big this flower hair accessory is and the light, flowy material adds such a pretty element to baby girls outfit. The Jasmine Flower comes in 6 different colours and two styles.

The first is on a gator clip which can be worn on it's own to hold back bangs or front pieces as well you can clip the gator clip into a hat or one of the baby wisp 2 in 1 basic headbands.


4. Rosebloom


This is a much more chic flower clip! If you are a mama and looking for a perfect matching mommy and baby girl hair accessory - the Rosebloom Flower Clip is what you are looking for. This unique toddler hair accessory is perfect for older girls and little ones with more hair. This clip can also work great for any of your baby's outfits when clipped onto a headband or Baby Wisp crochet hat.The Rosebloom Flower Clip is also a perfect accessory to grow with your baby girl.

Rosebloom Flower Clip
Excess Elegance Flower with Feathers & Glitter

5. Excess Elegance Flower with Feathers and Glitter 


The ultimate of high glam statement pieces is the Excess Flower With Feathers and Glitter. This vintage pretty flower comes in a variety of colours and can be worn on it's own- clipped in to a high ponytail or on the side of her head.

The Excess Elegance Flower also looks super pretty when clipped into a crochet hat or headband! The feathers and glitter on this baby and toddler flower hair accessory look beautiful sparkling in the sun and look super glam for a special occasion!

6. Elegance Posh 

This Satin Flower is sure to turn heads while baby girl is rocking a super cute outfit this spring! The Elegance Posh is a perfect clip for your sophisticated fashionista who is style conscious and ready to make a statement! Just like the other Baby Wisp flower hair accessories you can easily clip this flower into a headband or crochet hat. My personal favourite way to wear the Elegance Posh Clip is by creating a messy bun either high up on the top of my daughter's head or low and to the side. I then easily clip the Elegance Posh in and it looks so beautiful! You can also purchase the Elegance Posh on a Ribbon Wrapped headband- perfect for toddlers and older girls!

Elegance Posh Headband

Blooming Garden Headband

7. Blooming Garden 


The final of my Spring Flower Picks is the Blooming Garden Headband. Available in 6 colours, the Blooming Garden Headband comes on a Soft Elastic which has been sized according to Health Canada Measurements which will fit comfortably on your baby or toddler girl! This flower hair accessory is brand new to our collection and has only been available for a couple of months! I think you could get really creative with the outfit that you pair with the Blooming garden Headband.This is a very versatile accessory as it will look great with a casual everyday outfit and will also compliment a much dressier outfit! This would also be a great accessory for a flower girl in a spring or summer wedding!