Happy 12th Anniversary Baby Wisp®!

Happy 12th Anniversary Baby Wisp®!

We are so happy to celebrate our 12th year!

Baby Wisp® has turned 12!  My crafty booth at an Edmonton Farmer's Market during my first maternity leave turned into a career - there was no laying out a plan for this! I just went for it and thanks to customers who like my designs and those who continue to support small shops - BABY WISP IS STILL ALIVE!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Reflections I Do Once a Year

Don't we all reflect on a "past life" when you look back 12 years?  I'm always shocked that I'm still in business when this anniversary comes along.  Did I say that outloud? LOL! Should I be saying something more inspirational and "#bossmom"-ish ?  This year in particular, when my sales in March and April were about 20% of what they were in 2019 - THANKS COVID - , I really wondered if I would make it.  And then a miracle happened in May and June - people started finding ways to support small shops and my ETSY sales soared.  They are the highest they have ever been. 

baby wisp etsy seller

 Some Ugly...

Who wants to hear all the good rainbow stuff all the time? Besides Covid, I made the decision to drop back my time spent trying to compete on Amazon.   I couldn't keep up with all the trademark infringement and copycats (Knock offs from overseas sellers ) .... and unrealistic seller expectations.  I have had the meanest customer interactions on Amazon that I have not had on any other platform. Including the rudest messages I have ever ever received.   If you have been running a shop 12 years and you can't make a decision to make yourself happier day to day, then what's the point and where are you going with this?  (That's what I asked myself). The answer was that I am in control of what I want to be doing and fighting on Amazon is something I don't want to be doing. 

Good News is I launched on Amazon's competitor (HA ! ) - WALMART marketplace and things are just starting up there.  Let's see how it goes, it has only been a few months so far.  

Fun Times - What's changed - HELP FROM EMILY AND THALI

I'm having so much fun this year launching new designs and color palettes, spending my time in areas I enjoy, continuing to grow my sales into new channels... and most delightful - due to the two lovely ladies that are working for me, I get to hand off so much work!   Emily returned from maternity leave this summer (and is handling much of my operational activities while Thali is working 3X a week getting every single order out the door.  This has given me time to work on some other side hustle activities I have started up ;).  yay!!!!

Anniversary - the Inspo

My daughter was the inspiration - the life change of becoming a mom made me think about things differently.  This picture of my daughter and I in front of the craft booth in 2008.  It is extra funny to me this year because she recently turned 13.  Now, this is her 'teen' facial expression all the time.  I snorted when I pulled this pic up!!!  I wish she would agree to a side by side "12 years later photo" standing on a table , you know those re-creation photos?  I know anyone with a teen knows what I'm talking about!!  I'm still smothering her with love whether she likes it or not!!! :) 

baby wisp farmers market

12 years brought me more ups and downs in the business, more wrinkles, more adventure, more ideas, more designs, more technology and social media learning, and if you are reading this - MORE SUPPORT.   You are reading this because you are interested in either the products, the shop, the brand or the journey of a businesswoman in motherhood and 




Now for the DEAL!

As I celebrate the 12th year, I put together a pack of my newest products just launched in the past month!!  The only way you will get them all at a great discount so you can have them all in time for Christmas.

Choose from 2 available sets: Fall Set or Winter Set. There's a great mix of our new larger 50mm snap clips, new medium wisp clip, new alligator clips, and headband. 

Each set has a Total Retail Value of $52.70. NOW $40.70 (SAVE $12)

anniversary bow special gift set

Anniversary Gift Set - Fall

anniversary bow special set winter

Anniversary Gift Set - Winter

The colors and bows will go perfectly with all her Fall and Winter outfits and seasons beyond! No coupon required.


Our 12 bow anniversary pack that is $12 off (that's over 20% off) in honor of 12 years in business. This anniversary pack includes our latest new arrivals for you to try and qualifies you for our FREE GIFT with $39 purchase and depending on your location qualify for FREE SHIPPING!  


Get this Anniversary Set before it's gone! This is for a limited time only. 

THANK YOU for supporting a small mom run shop.

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