Trend watch:  Vintage Knots for Babies and Toddlers

Trend watch: Vintage Knots for Babies and Toddlers

Vintage Knots in Hats and Headbands for Babies and Toddlers

Have you been seeing celebrities busting out fancy turbans while out and about?  Us too!!  So why not let our little cuties partake of this classy trend.  Check out this vogue article showing the major designers with their versions of vintage knot turban hats.  How about this one by Gucci?
gucci turban hat vintage knot
Photo from Ten Best Turbans  - Gucci
But instead of gold lamé $800 hat for your baby, why not grab a cotton one from Baby Wisp® that keeps her hair out of her face, her head cool AND makes such a style statement that will make any passer by smile! 
Look at little Ellis rocking her hat on a sunny San Diego day!
Vintage Turban Knot for Babies and Toddlers
We know this Summer, many of you and your kids are enjoying splash pads and beach vacations so keeping heads cool and skin safe is on your minds.  With that in mind, I'd like to mention how important it is to use good sunscreen when you're out all day.  You know what sucks for me is that until this year, I was just buying any ol' sunscreen.   But now that I have read up on the matter a bit and having moved to San Diego where I need it EVERY DAY not just two months like my old life in Edmonton....  I always choose ones that the only active ingredient is the zinc!  Here's the list if you're interested as I wish someone would have mentioned this sooner to me as a mom!  See which sunscreens are safe to use>>


Ok, but back to the vintage looks!  This week we're offering a discount on these new trendy arrivals!  The hats and headbands are found here
Nylon baby headband turban knots
I love the hashtag #letthembelittle when I see styles like this because we can make our mini-me's to have more daring style like this and it is so fun to dress them up because they are so little, for such a short time. 
Toddler Girl wearing cute knotted headband

Turban Knot Style Headbands 20% OFF*
Apply code: TURBANKNOT20
Ends July 22nd. 
*Discount applied with coupon at checkout. Offer ends July 22, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST. 

On sale vintage baby knots hats

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