Baby Headbands - How to Wear Them

Infants Look Great in Headbands - if Worn Right!

Headbands are a great accessory for your little girl, either to dress up a look or add a li'l, unique Baby Wisp touch into her wardrobe. As a classic head topper, wearing the headband in the correct way ensures your little drooler doesn't remove, become uncomfortable or even notice she's wearing one! Of course, it should be emphasized that toddlers (specially children under 3 years of age) should not be left unattended with headbands, or any hair accessory, and should always be under the supervision of a parent or adult while wearing one. Having that in mind, if coordinated and worn properly, headbands do serve as a modern accessory that adds the right amount of 'chic' and 'pop' to any little girl’s outfit.

Chic and modern headbands

First things first - choosing the right headband accessory for your chic and upcoming fashionista is imperative. Style, comfort, and color are important; but alignment and placement of the headband can make or break your baby's look.

The Island Breeze and Blossom Band, for example, look the best when the flower is worn to the side of the head, right above the ear (the band itself will of course be behind the ear). If your munchkin was lucky enough to be born with a head full of hair, styling her hair around the sides of her face will not only frame her face, but also not over emphasize that she is wearing a distinct hair accessory.

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