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Baby Headband Model

Baby Wisp Model

I often get asked where do I find such gorgeous children to model our products.

The truth is, they are mostly people I meet through baby wisp. But there are times where I just see such a striking child, I will approach the mother (a perfect stranger, really) and ask if they would be interested.

One time I did this while I was at the park with my son and of course the mother was flattered,… but at the same time she was unsure of whether I was some sort of weirdo. HA HA HA Let’s be honest! We’re all skeptical and protective when it comes to our kids. So, I fully understand that!

Fast forward a few weeks when she had time to check out our site and saw I was legit! Then I ran into her at the park again we started chatting and booked her DD’s shoot! The pictures really turned out and fast forward another year, that little beauty and her mama are a regular fixture for playdates, coffees, family dinners and girl’s night outs around our house! Does this sound unbelievable that we would just “click”like this with this unlikely start to a beautiful friendship? Doesn’t everyone make friends with their own unique little beginnings?

As I prepare to launch the new Glamoura headbands, I’m keeping a lookout for cuties so please, don’t get creeped out if I find your little beauty and ask for your help!

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