Beautiful Spring Bloom Inspired Baby Bow Collection

Beautiful Spring Bloom Inspired Baby Bow Collection

Floral Ribbon Prints and Dreamy hues Set off Spring 2018 at Baby Wisp®

Beautiful spring baby and toddler dresses deserve equally gorgeous hair bows!  We have just launched our new spring collection of baby and toddler hair accessories covering a wide variety of children's fashion looks.  The new floral gift sets are my favourite.  There are 7 varieties available!  They give you a colour tone that might match the perfect easter infant dress plus then you have three different shaped bows with which to play with this season and beyond. 

gorgeous floral baby fashion hair bows

bright lively color baby fashion style ideas








These two above are my favorite because of the pops of colours that are easy to play with in both spring and summer.   If you are more of a toned down person with hugs to subtle hints then maybe the ones below are for you?

pink floral bowsstylish floral prints for baby girl















I hope you will take a look at the whole spring collection here.  I feel like I nailed it as I planned it out last fall but you tell me!  Sales tell the best feedback though...jus sayin . ;)


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