BOUTIQUE is closed TODAY. BUy 2 GET 2 is up online for our weekly moving deal!

Closed this FRIDAY, June 24! We are closed today as I am out of town house hunting and couldn't get staff to cover.  :(  Boooo!  Sorry about that!  You can go online and get our latest deal with is BUY 2 GET 2 FREE on select products!!!  baby hair accessories Buy 2 Get 2 hair accessories I did a short video today to give you an update (yes, I'm normally camera shy but I'm trying to change this!).  Are you a subscriber on our youtube channel?  If not, why not? :)   A few things to note: Canada Post may strike on July 2.  This is our main carrier and affords the $3 shipping.  We are investigating alternatives but best to place your order this weekend so we can hustle and process for you on Monday and Tuesday.  After that...there will be delays and a cost increase.  This will also have impacts as to whether we remain open until late July as we had planned.  Will keep you posted.  

Looking for Suggestions

donate baby products to non profit We have more stock than we will be able to clear out.  Many products that served us well over so many years cannot simply make the journey to California with us.  We want to give them away.  It's an opportunity to trim down the 1000s of skus we carry and focus on more core products.  I need your help.  Where can we give them too?  I mean bulk baby headbands and bulk hair bows and bulk hair clips in the 100's.  Do you have any ideas?  I can't be spending time to apply to be a charitable donor.  I just want to ship off boxes of these pretties to the loving arms of people who will appreciate it and use it to their little hearts content.  Maybe it's some moms groups of lower income that couldn't normally afford these products or maybe it's kids who have lost their hair.  We need ideas.  If you can help - please email with your suggestions.   Back to house hunting now!!!   ~beena
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