DEEP DISCOUNT on this Fancy Baby Bow!

DEEP DISCOUNT on this Fancy Baby Bow!

So Why The Discount on this Gorgeous and Dainty Little Bow?

Gorgeous fall baby bow fashion Last night we all had a good chat on facebook as I asked why this bow isn't popping up in carts so much and I got great feedback from everyone.  I hear you!  I love that I can throw out a question and I get respectful feedback I can actually use in growing the business and meeting customer needs back from everyone. 

If you want to join the conversation, just join us on facebook too and tell me what you think.  Other mamas join in and we have a laugh or two together. 

mini latch wisp clip boutique bows in assorted colors


So, what I'm hearing is that on the wisp clip, this bow is large for some people....while others like that they can put a big bow on a baby with no hair!  It was both perspectives. 

Coral Baby boutique Bow

At this point, it was suggested that Baby Wisp begin carrying more larger bows (like cheerleader type grosgrain huuuge oversized bows) so I am thinking on that right now.  One mom said, need more colours in this little bow, another said it's not that trendy of a style of boutique bows while many moms were surprised it's not selling well because they love it as much as I do!!! :-) . I appreciate the honesty and the conversation so thank you everyone...for those that love it and those that are considering trying it...Get them now at 25% OFF!  Ends Tuesday so you have all weekend to maybe get the whole collection of colors??!  It's a fantastic price for such an elaborate bow handstitched to our special wisp clip. No coupon required!

mini wisp clip boutique bow now 25% OFF Sale
Many Colours Available

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