Easter Hair Bow Essentials + Outfit Ideas

Easter Hair Bow Essentials + Outfit Ideas

Spring/Easter Baby & Toddler Girl Outfit Ideas

Pastel Bows + Floral Print

Easter is just around the corner! So why not get her Easter bows ready early this year to go with her cute Easter dresses and outfits? 

We love super soft dreamy pastel shades and fancy floral prints to add the perfect accent to her Easter outfits. 

Add some effortless style with our top 5 bow picks for this Easter:

1. Floral Headbands

floral baby headband easter dress

This Nylon Bow Floral Headwrap in Teal Daisy will add some instant style to her Easter dresses. This headband adds a fun embellishment to her solid colored dresses and it coordinates well with floral print dresses like this tiered floral dress from Carter's. 

2. Embroidered Floral Clips

embroidered hair clips easter dress

This Set of Embroidered Floral Clips - Cape Rush on large snap clips holds more hair so it's the perfect toddler accessory. The lovely floral embroidery design will add a sweet touch to her dresses like this lace and tulle dress from H&M. 

3. Tiny Pastel Bows

pastel hair bows easter dress

You can't go wrong with this Set of 12 Tiny Tuxedo Bows in pretty pastel shades. This set goes well with not only her Easter dress but also many of her outfits for the season. It adds a subtle style that won't overpower her outfits. You can try pairing it with tops and dresses with prints and patterns like this textured print dress from Gap.  

4.  Embroidered & Fabric Hair Clips

floral hair clips easter outfit

This Set of 2 Mixed Floral Clips on our large snap clips includes one with a floral embroidery design and one floral fabric patterned print. It pairs so easily with solid colored dresses or tops/bottoms like this cami top and pant set from Old Navy. 


5. Big Pastel Bows

pastel big bows easter dress

Don't be afraid to add some big style for Easter. This Set of 5 Americana Big Boutique Bows in pastel hues are the perfect accessory to give some extra oomph to her Easter outfits. It pairs well with her dresses like this embroidered poplin dress from Zara. 




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